• The Art of Anime

    April 11, 2016


    The Art Of Animé 2/6/16

    I confess to especially liking Kung Fu and ninja movies. Fortunately for me and my guilty little secret, the first few encounters were good enough to keep me coming back for more. Time passed, and I discovered I wanted more than just action movies with subtitles and good production values, like “Saving General Yang,” “Red Cliff,” or “Little Big Soldier.” But then, on “Adult Swim,” I discovered cartoons like “Cowboy Bebop,” “Samurai Champloo,” and “Ghost In The Shell.” Around the same time, I happened to purchase a beautiful little movie, called, “Metropolis.”  I had no idea they were related.  All were uniquely mature and surprisingly watchable, and they made me want to see more. Now comes the “confession” part…

    I have discovered that I really like animé.

    Animé (“anna may”) is an interesting art form which usually starts out with black-and-white comic magazines, which eventually are made into cartoons for television, and even sometimes made into live-action movies. As an artist, the expressive, talented artwork attracted me.

    The first non-mechanical show I saw was a fun time-travel Japanese style called, “InuYasha,” with watercolor background art that was masterfully painted. The characters were cartoonish, but the story was strong, the animation was well done, the dialogue was frisky and funny, and those beautiful backgrounds drew me back again and again. For the best shows now out there, the artwork on the backgrounds has only improved.

    The closing credits on season 1 of “Chihayafuru” contains a gorgeous watercolor view of translucent red needlepoint maple leaves falling into a shallow brook that will take your breath away. Delicate watercolors of hardwood forests in autumn, surrounding gorgeous “red leaf rain” backgrounds of red maple leaves in “Hiiro No Kakera,” a pure eye-candy piece, has as its ongoing theme those incredibly perfect red leaves, falling gently outdoors, or appearing repeatedly in numerous scenes in furnishings or decorations. Looking at the loose, softly juicy watercolor backgrounds of “Blue Spring Ride” brings back memories of my watercolor mentor of long ago. My top artistic choices? “Hiiro No Kakera,” ” Noragami,” “Chihayafuru,” “Your Lie In April,” and “Nobunaga Concerto.” Your mileage, as they say, may vary.

    The very good shows which have music central to the story are always superior. The smooth, precise animation and careful and accurate portrayals of every movement of the characters’ hands, fingers, and instruments, the music chosen, and even the use of actual brand names in stories, such as Yamaha™ (“Kids on the Slope”), Steinway & Sons™ (“Your Lie In April”). Mizuno™ appears in “Ace of the Diamond”). Impressive, and expensive to produce.

    Without the big-eyed, pastel-haired characters, most purists would probably not consider the more realistic recent offerings as true animé, but even as a spinoff, the beauty of the newer, more realistic art work is indisputably gorgeous, and may help the genre appeal to a wider audience.

    Newer background art is subtle and beautiful. The characters are skillfully rendered, varied, and believable, like those in “Noragami,” or the breathtaking artwork in “Nobunaga Concerto,” with backgrounds of beautiful watercolors and designs that could easily be framed to stand on their own. Masterful treatment of clouds, sunsets, forests, and mountains will challenge any artist watching.

    Also featured in many contemporary stories is an artistic fascination with street and business signs, brickwork, sidewalk cracks, and especially, power poles and tangles of overhead wires, something that US artists strive to leave out, while animé artists seem to be drawn to include these detailed signs of life as picturesque, even in ninja stories like “Naruto Shippuden.”

    For the hardcore fan, there is at least one online streaming service similar to Netflix™, devoted almost entirely to manga, animé, and Asian television series, most notably one called, “Crunchyroll.™” Animé can also be found on Netflix™ and Hulu.™

    Animé has an enormous and mostly rabid following worldwide, not just of the shows themselves (most of which are made from the art stories in thick, black-and-white comic-book magazines called “manga“, like Shonen Jump™), but the games, spinoffs, aftermarket memorabilia, expositions and role-playing, a popular Japanese pastime. Just recently, for instance, I saw Edward and Alphonse Elric, the alchemist brothers from “Full-Metal Alchemist” crossing the street in downtown Denver.

    The latest transition has been to move the manga story from paper to cartoon animation to the live-action screen, with varying degrees of success (“Dragon Ball Z” was surprisingly almost watchable, but “The Last Airbender,” a great animated series, was unfortunately a live-action flop). “Usagi Drop,” The movie version of which is called “Bunny Drop,” is about a young bachelor who adopts his deceased grandfather’s abandoned six-year-old lovechild. “Space Brothers” has found its way onto live-action video media, with good results. Both of these are recommended.

    The best live-action version of an animé show I’ve seen is “Ruroni Kenshin,” which has a history similar to comic book characters like Superman, Thor, or Batman. The cartoon was an early effort from the Seventies, with formulaic characters, minimalistic animation, washed-out color, but a great story line, powerfully philosophical dialogue, and plenty of tense action. The live-action film by the same name is a trilogy of about 7 total hours (3 DVD disks) altogether, but is stunning and thrilling, and is satisfyingly exciting, beautifully produced, and skillfully acted by big-name Japanese stars. Attention to period detail in the movie is meticulous. Scene after scene of masterful Samurai swordsmanship will have you on the edge of your seat, and the cartoon series ran long enough to provide plenty of material for another movie. One can only hope…

    When I watch animé, I see a wide cross-section of the genre, from the outright “classical” animé character like Aladdin in “Magi, ” original “Kenshin,” or the characters in “Fairy Tail,” to the delicate and sensitive art in “Noragami,” “My Little Monster,” “Nobunaga Concerto,” “Say I Love You,” or “Usagi Drop,” to musical masterpieces like “Your Lie In April” and “Kids On The Slope.”

    Chihayafuru,” which is about a strenuous Japanese poetry card game called “Karuta,” considered almost a national sport, in which the contestants often compete wearing hakama kimono, is another choice for clear, clean art and unexpectedly exciting action.

    I catch myself watching them all with a comparative eye, even repeatedly, as in the case of some favorites, Like “Seven Deadly Sins,” “Say I Love You,” “Naruto,” or “Your Lie In April,” always looking for more of that beautiful art, rich music, and strong story line around well-developed characters that defines Japanese work.

    I often find that the eye-catching, finely-tuned animation or lush background art are missing from productions done in China or Korea. Cost-cutting by outsourcing frequently results in a decrease in art quality in this genre. Later shows of “Naruto,” for instance, being mostly computer renderings, have little resemblance to the original art at the beginning of the series, but better work reappears in the most recent episodes. Most people might not notice the differences, because they can be subtle. But, they are frequently there, in the art, in the sketchy animation, and even the music.

    The stories of the good series are strong, involved, and bring out the characters and their personalities. For instance, in “Naruto” (one of the oldest series running, now in its 17th season), we got not only delicate watercolor backgrounds, but we got to watch the main character, Naruto Uzumaki, go from a sad, ostracized little orphan boy acting out his anger, to strong manhood and public respect, surrounded by a large cast of supporting characters, memorable villains, and lots of action and comedy. This is the real formula for a great animé series.

    The characters in the good shows are very well-developed as the stories progress, a quality which, in most US animation movies and series, frequently seems missing. For instance, Japanese animé stories frequently narrate each episode from the characters’ thoughts and feelings. This is an excellent device for sucking the audience into vicarious participation, something that doesn’t work well in live-action features.

    With animé, the Japanese have a real phenomenon on their hands– just as enduring and maybe even more fun than Top Ramen™, Hello Kitty™, or Karaoke.

  • PC And Raising Kids

    November 2, 2015

    PC is the death of America. The left can accomplish almost all its goals by changing the meanings of words, by punishing the use of “improper” terms, and forcing everyone to comply. If you are anything like me, you have even seen the Politically Correct words and phrases sneaking into your own vocabularies. “Well,” we might rationalize, “it’s only right that we not use those old terms for things.” Of course. I agree that the day for calling Blacks anything but “American” or “Black” are long past. But calling Indians “First Nation” or whatever the current cute term is is simply too cute, too cumbersome. I have several Indian friends, and they like the term “Indian.” One even had a teeshirt that said, “INDIAN. And PROUD.”

    It’s not just terminology for differences in skin color or genetic origin. These days, you have to use appropriate devices and follow certain appropriate guidelines, and you are not allowed to speak out about anything that might actually indicate you have a preference for something the government hasn’t chosen for you. Politically corrected regulations are bogging life down to a pathetic crawl. The robust, business-oriented American culture has been politically-corrected into a cheap, wishywashy imitation; a mere shadow of its former glory.

    Schools have banned any games in which children might get hurt. This includes softball, dodgeball, tag, cowboys and “first nations.” Have you looked in the aisles of the toy sections of the local store? Although there are a few gun games there, most of the toys are related to non-competitive, non-aggressive, non-violent “play.” What little boy DOESN’T make a gun of his finger without prompting? What’s the first thing boys build with a set of Lego blocks? What’s the first thing a little girl does with a kitten, besides turn it on its back and cradle it like a baby? Then she dresses it in doll clothes, takes it into the house, and has a tea-party for it.

    The political correctness that has saturated all of our daily lives might possibly be entering a less-popular trend, as parents realize that, try as they might, even to forcing “gender identity shifts” on their children, they can’t undo the intrinsic tendencies of their sexes. Boys, by nature of their genetic makeup, do “boy” things, while girls, for the same reason, do “girl” things. Of course, there is also a parallel trend in the schools. Because boys want to do “boy” things, teachers (mostly women these days) are impatient with the kinetic, boisterous behavior of their male students, and label it “ADD” or “ADHD” and seek to medicate the kids so they become little passive, feminized beta-males who just want to sit around and veg out with bland “personal best” video games.

    I noticed it in myself when my grandsons were small. At first, I tried diligently to teach them that they mustn’t “play guns” with each other, and that there were other, more constructive ways to play. Then, it dawned on me that they were doing what they were born to do–act like boys. It was unfair to them as boys not to allow them to role-play in ways that would help them learn to be protective of weaker people, to be unafraid to do battle where and when necessary, and to simply live up to their genetic heritage as males. So, Nerf guns made their appearance under the tree that Christmas.

    It’s a shame that their paternal grandfather is no longer around. Of all the perfect role models these boys could possibly be blessed with, he was the ultimate. He was a good, righteous, and honest man, a hard-working laborer who knew so many ways to do so many things that might challenge a young man as he went through life, that it’s perfectly honest of me to say that they are “deprived.” His sons are all good, honest, hard-working men who saw their father set the kind of example he wanted them to follow when they were men in turn. Fortunately for my grandsons, the lessons he taught his boys were well-learned, and now, we have the wonderful opportunity of sending real MEN into the future world. And, buying your sons and/or grandsons copies of The Dangerous Book For Boys.

    Raising manly men and feminine women is the most important job a parent can do, which is why single-parent households are handicapped from the beginning. Such families exist from necessity, but their job as nurturers of real men and women is more difficult than the same job in a two-parent household. It can still be done, however, and many a prominent hero or heroine was raised by one parent.

    The job is not impossible. But struggling against the flood of political correctness in order to make boys into men and girls into women is a real challenge for good parents. Religious training is a must, if for no other
    reason than to impress the children with the reality of an Ultimate Authority. Bucking the tide of PC and undoing what the feminized, lobotomized “educators” have done to our children is difficult, but not impossible.

  • Losing The Polestar

    October 23, 2015

    There is an adage in politics: “Nations tend to get the kind of leaders they deserve.” If this is true, it is long past time for Americans to examine their behavior in the last fifty years or so. It doesn’t take much in the way of soul-searching to see that a lot of our recent national behavior has BEGGED for the kind of government we have now. In one way or another, we have demanded that the laws and rules of an orderly society be discarded.

    Even bloodthirsty, torturing murderers get trials, but helpless people of all sizes and ages are left to die, starved and thirsted to death, or torn apart before they have had a chance to breathe the air of a (formerly) free nation.

    The decade of the Fifties was a time of real blessing for America. The Korean War was over, and the soldiers were home to add their muscle to the workforce. Lots of people were born during those years, and their parents were the first generation that was able to promise their children an easier life and have a good chance of seeing their promises fulfilled.

    In the urgency to make things better for our children, we began to put aside faith and perspicacity. We became satisfied to believe what we were told by news outlets, because doing our own research interfered with our quest to improve the lots of our children. Attending church and instructing our children in their faith lost its importance. Those children became selfish and spoiled because parents worked so hard on their behalf the children didn’t have to learn the value of hard work, sacrifice, and self-discipline, and both parents were often at work when the kids got home from school, leaving them to fend for themselves and get into their own special brands of mischief without supervision.

    Parents scrimped and did without so their kids could go to college, whether those children were smart enough or even cared enough about education to go. The parents saw it as an opportunity to get the educational advantages they had never had. The mostly-ungrateful-for-the-sacrifice students saw it as an opportunity to party till they puked, and the deterioration of morals continued as socialistic professors convinced their students that American morality was old-fashioned and selfish.

    As those wastrel children came of age and their parents insisted they “go to work and do something with that diploma we scrimped to provide you with,” the students were just as determined not to amount to anything that was even remotely connected with “work.” They wanted “careers!” They were convinced that their “caring” about the poor and downtrodden was more helpful than succeeding to the point that they could hire and PAY those poor and downtrodden so they wouldn’t have to remain in that condition.

    It never occurred to these parents that never providing a child with opportunities to fail and accept consequences for behavior simply cheated those children of the most valuable life lessons of all, and raising children according to Dr. Spock’s book became the only way to do things.

    The Polestar

    A moral absolute is more than just a law. It is a polestar. The polestar is the unchanging star in the sky that never moves. It never changes. It can be obscured by clouds, but it will be exactly in place when the clouds clear away. Navigators who lost the position of the polestar could only wander off course, often into danger and death. Everything depended on knowing where that star was, even in daylight.

    But a moral polestar in this society has become an unnecessary piece of archaic baggage, fit only to be discarded by the “enlightened” elites. Consequently, we have children sexualized in kindergarten, teachers having sexual relationships with their much-younger students, and a generation of people who are so completely desensitized to sexual propriety that they think nothing of having sex in the classrooms, on screen, or wherever the urge strikes them. We have priests, rabbis, and ministers who take advantage of their flocks, sexually, financially, and morally, even to the point of murdering their entire congregations, as in the case of Jim Jones. Government officials and financiers steal as much as they can, as often as they can, from as many as they can, and are NEVER caught, tried, convicted, or punished. If this isn’t a description of a society that has lost its moral bearings, I don’t know what is.

    If we deliberately destroy our moral guidelines, we deserve the consequences of that destruction. Locking onto the polestar once again is the only way we have as a nation to get back on course and repair the damage from those consequences.

    I wondered today about the political stupidity of Americans, and how we got this way. It’s such a convoluted trail that it would take a half-dozen of historian Paul Johnson’s tomes to unravel it. We have dumbed down our school children; we have turned our colleges over to Fascists and Communists; we have allowed our Church to become a haven for evil, heresy, blasphemy, rebellion, and perversity; we have turned our backs on ALL AND ANY REAL AUTHORITY, and ceded our freedoms to a centralized government. We have no one to blame for this situation but ourselves, but I think a large factor in the wussification of America (can that be a word?) is our deliberate turning away from any absolute authority.

    When we threw God out of the public arena and the public schools, we deliberately slammed the door against clear thought, reasonable discourse, a true chain of command, and real protection of the innocent. (This is such a BIG concept that I am having trouble finding words to express it. Please be patient with my puny attempts.) Who would have thoughtt, 40 years ago, that we would EVER turn our backs on the God Who loves us and created us out of that love? And yet, here we are, sitting like spoiled babies surrounded by toys we have deliberately broken, wondering how it all went wrong, and refusing to allow anyone with knowhow to actually fix them.

    Maleness and true masculinity has undergone a 40 year reign of terror in this country. The truest of all patriarchal figures is God the Father. The human manifestation of His maleness is Jesus Christ. The ultimate role model has been relegated to the wastebasket by American culture. When America modeled herself after the MALENESS of God, it was a light to the world. Now it is modeling itself after fallen Eve and her fixation on the sly words of the serpent, and the results are almost too horrible to contemplate. Will we EVER find our way back to God?

    In the meantime, while we dream of a road show starring Torquemada and Hercules to punish the betrayers and clean the church stables we might consider the even more hopeless task of re-invigorating the patriarchy so that strong, smart males and females can thrive and model true roles for their places in Creation. This is the saddest part of all. We have turned our Catholic Church over to a bunch of hyenas who have only one goal in mind–to tear the Church down and in 3 “days,” rebuild it in their own image. They have almost succeeded.

    America is already a mission field, so missionary priests from other countries will probably figure largely in our future as the Catholic Church in America. But we NEED Torquemada. We NEED stable hands to clean out the muck. We NEED to get the Church (and the nation) back from these hyenas. It will survive, but the chances are pretty good that it won’t be surviving in the United States beyond a remnant, a small underground Church hiding in barns and forest glens.

    The hyenas are laughing as they close in on our young, and no lion is appearing on the horizon…

    ‘Nuff said, sadly.

  • Independent, Not Undecided

    October 20, 2015

    You hear a lot of talk on the news these days about the “independent voter.” Huh?? Aren’t we all independent voters? How many people do we take into the voting booth with us? Do we vote as a group for anything or anyone? How do the powers that be delineate these so-called “independent” voters?

    For years, I was a registered “Undeclared.” Does this make me an “independent” voter? I don’t know about THAT, but it sure cuts down on the number of pieces of political junk mail I get at election time. On the downside, it keeps me out of caucuses, but I can deal with that. In Alaska, I could request whatever party’s ballot I choose to vote in that election. I call that independent.

    The traditional parties claim to be so anxious about how the “independent” voters are going to vote, yet they do nothing more than water down their own stance to mollify the mushy moderate middle, the wishy-washy whatevers, instead of standing strongly for what they STAND FOR. An independent voter looks at these things. Do the major parties think they know something about us that we don’t know? But, when the vote comes, most of us, unwilling to consider “third party” candidates, will still be choosing our candidates from between the major parties’ tickets. Our desire is not to form that third party, but to avoid being pushed into choosing someone we can’t support, simply because our party wishes us to.

    Rush used to make a lot about “independent” voters, until a caller set him straight. For a long time, he had us lumped in with the “moderates” in the mushy middle, without the courage of our convictions. There is NOTHING moderate about me, or my voting record. I always vote the most conservative ticket I can find. An independent voter simply doesn’t go along with all the planks in a particular party’s platform. But being an independent voter has nothing to do with being a “moderate” or “undecided.”

  • Why Are You Doing This To Us?

    October 13, 2015

    Gentle men and ladies of Washington;
    Why are you doing this to us? We elected you, and you are betraying our trust right, left, and center. Nothing has been left to us, you have stripped us of nearly every cent of income, every ounce of autonomy, our jobs, our Constitutional rights, and every chance to have our voices heard by our government. You, as our elected officials, not only ignore us, you treat us with sneering contempt and accuse us of being insane for wanting to keep our own healthcare insurance, keep our government off our backs and out of our wallets, our jobs, and the money we earn.

    You have stolen the future from our posterity in your mad rush to spend every cent we could produce, and then deliberately shut down any means we might have had to produce more by breaking the backs of the businesses who refused to get into bed with you, so they could not hire us. THIS is what you call “honest representation??”

    Why are you DOING this to us?


    If anybody in the world has the right to feel seduced and abandoned, it’s the American voter. You are kneeling on our throats, you are kicking us between the legs, and you are spitting in our faces. What is left that you haven’t thought of — arm tattoos and cattlecars? You abort us at the beginning of our lives, then you rush us to the incinerators after we have ceased to be useful to you.

    WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO US?? You got our votes, you got our money, you own our lives. What else do you want from us? What else are you planning to do to us?

  • Weenies With Words

    October 8, 2015

    Rupert Murdock backpedals like an outboard

    Media try to make Ben Carson backpedal like an outboard.

    Every time a public person expresses an opinion not adored by the hacks behind the free-form desks, the backing water of the hapless expressor throws up a roostertail. They simply, out of fear of what the leftist media are going to say about their opinions, cannot backpedal and apologize fast enough. Since when has this been the thing to do?

    How much longer are we going to bite off a mile of tongue before we say what SHOULD be said in favor of what the media will accept? How much longer will we be considering our opinions as “unapproved” speech? Approved by whom? We have allowed the leftist media to dictate to us what we can say on any topic. Why are we letting the media scare us into silence and/or craven whimpering? US?? Us Americans?? Hello? What planet is this?

    We have been watching our words in public ever since this administration took over, and it has only gotten worse as time has gone by. I said years ago on the original predecessor to the Sourdough that political correctness was going to be the death of this country. If this isn’t evidence of that, as well as all the other “apologies” that have been cravenly produced by weenies who should either have stood by their words or kept their opinions to themselves, I don’t know what is. I have NEVER seen Americans run away from leftists and political hacks. So, why is it happening now? When did prominent Americans become such a fearful bunch of cowardly weenies?

    This should not be, America!

  • There WILL Be A Test

    October 2, 2015

    “America has retreated from the world,” Cruz says. “Every bad actor on earth has taken the measure of President Obama and determined that he is no credible threat whatsoever. For the next sixteen months, we are in a Hobbesian state of nature, it is like Lord of the Flies, where the only limit on misconduct and aggression of bad actors is the limit of their own strength. (Boston Herald)

    From the time the final vote was counted in the 2012 elections, I could feel the dread of the second half of the current resident’s second term bearing down. I have had the premonition that this period was going to be THE absolute most dangerous period in America’s entire 240 years of existence. No wars, no bombast from warlords or crime bosses, no natural calamities have ever threatened it like this administration has done in just seven and a half short (LONG!!) years. Every gun in the hands of every villainous group, every weapon in the arsenals of militaristic cults or hubristic nations is now pointed at the heads of America’s people, for the very reason that we exist.

    What the current resident has done to our national strength, reputation, and integrity around the world is leave it in unconscionable ruin and destruction for no reason beyond jealousy. As a convinced Marxist, he is jealous of American thrift, wealth, living standards, and happiness, and he is determined to do absolutely anything it takes to drag us down to third-world status as long as he has the power to do so.

    If and when we are ever to undo any of it, it is going to require not just the strength and determination of American citizens, but a sovereign miracle of God’s intervention. Should we be blessed with a real Conservative in the White House as a result of this next election, I pray that Americans will understand our dangerous position and will elect down-ballot officials who also have America’s best interests at heart and will strive with prayer and strength to return our country to something like it was before this second civil war in which we find ourselves.

    Our children and grandchildren will be the ones who pay for this administration’s profligacy and revenge. They are the ones who will be left not only to shoulder the crippling burden of debt forced on them by the criminal enterprise of this administration, but they will be faced with the prospect of beating back the tides of militants who, convinced by our weakened position, our silence so far, and our battered world reputation that we will be easy prey, will stop at nothing to finish us off.

    I pray to Almighty God that Americans will scrape together the shreds of their patriotism and pride and stand fast against the tidal wave of destruction that will descend upon us to test our strength and resolve.

  • Uninteded Consequences? Really??

    September 30, 2015

    Years ago, liberated women who were horrified at the spectre of a life without no-consequence sex, with a growing population, and with an expanding economy, demanded easily accessible abortion. Many cooler heads looked into the future, trying to foresee the national (and natural) consequences of such a choice, and they all came up with the same nightmare scenario:

    Killing babies THEN was going to lead to dire consequences thirty, forty, and fifty years down the road, in terms of culture and economy, not to mention the mortally sinful nature of the practice. Now, here we are, fifty years or so since the abortion ruling, and what do we see? Our economy has shrivelled to the point where it can no longer support the topheavy government and its profligate spending and borrowing. We have dried up the tax and economic income that could have come from an expanding taxbase (read “workforce”).

    Over the last fifty years we have busily gone about demanding the right to slaughter aborning the millions of taxpayers who should have been by now working, paying taxes, paying into our retirement and Social Security systems, as well as feeding the economy with their purchases and savings.

    So, how did the super-geniuses in Washington decide to deal with the truncated economy? That’s easy. They fired all the good American employees, put them on food stamps, and imported foreign workers, and they swarm over our southern borders in, well, swarms. But the problem with this part of the liberal plan is that, even though they can manipulate the election process and get these criminal trespassers to the polls on time, they can’t be sure they will pay taxes, and all the influx of new labor is not only NOT the solution to the problem, but in their millions, simply adds more strain on a crippled and failing system.

    So, now that our demographic chickens have come home to roost, what does the left come up with as a new solution? More pressure, more spending, more gifts abroad, more borrowing from China, more porous borders to all comers, etc.

    No matter how hard the right tries to turn things around by cutting spending and defunding numerous wasteful programs, they are outmaneuvered by the social experimenters on the left who still believe the socialist mantra that the answer to our national problems lies in more illegal “immigration,” more abortion, more government, more debt, more spending, and more regulation.

    The criminal trespassers have it easy with all the handouts and special care they get as gifts from an unwilling American population. We citizens, on the other hand, are locked into a Catch-22. We can’t leave (can’t afford to), we can’t work (our companies are hiring the cheap imported labor (you get what you pay for, fellas…)), we can’t save (home mortgages are foreclosed in record numbers), we can’t afford to pay the taxes the government demands, pay for Obamacare, and all the government can figure out to do about our desperate situation is to hire more government workers, hire more illegals, raise our taxes, and print more useless paper “money” to pump into the stock market to keep it inflated. (Balloon economy, anyone?)

    We were warned years ago, but were all busy trying to legislate sex without consequences, and didn’t read the signs telling us that abortion was not just counterproductive, but fatal to us as a nation, and to abandon it before we killed off the last future taxpayer. We have created two generations of people who copulate without worrying about consequences. They have no concept of the reality of dead people in the future as a consequence of abortions in the past. It simply cannot be comprehended by their dumbed-down minds, so they have no concept of sex as a sacred part of a marriage between a man and a woman. They can’t see past their genitalia and their momentary pleasures to envision a world where the people killed in the past do not populate the future.

  • He Doesn’t Speak For Me

    September 26, 2015

    I have to confess something. I am a devout Catholic. I recognize the papacy as the spiritual office that heads the Church I love. Most times, I also admire and respect the men who occupy that position. It is an office of grave responsibility and sacrifice. Whether they are good and saintly, like Benedict, or righteous and strong like John Paul II, they have all always had my respect.

    But, I have to admit that from the first moment I laid eyes on the current occupant, Pope Francis, I have had very serious reservations about his fitness for the position. A child of his upbringing, he is a South American socialist, and, like the current placeholder in our own White House, he can only spout what he has been taught and groomed to repeat.

    Faithful and believing Catholics do not worship the environment any more than they worship the concept of “income equality,” and other such Marxist pillars of belief. But, sadly, what we have heard from Pope Francis since his elevation to the Chair of St. Peter, is nothing less than textbook Marxist socialism.

    I have been a Catholic most of my life. I converted from Mormonism as a teenager, and have always believed it was where I was supposed to be, even when I was “lapsed,” the Church’s term for Catholics who believe but don’t practice. Being back in Communion since the early Seventies, religious experiences varying widely, about ten years ago I found the Byzantine Rite of the Catholic Church, and called it “home at last.” I have been there ever since.

    Please believe me when I tell you that what Francis is expounding in his speeches is NOT Catholic doctrine, no matter how much he wishes it were so. It is his personal belief (obviously propped up by the leftist sycophants in the College of Cardinals who saw to it that he was elected). His authority in this matter can only be that, and is not binding on any Catholic. He can preach about it all he likes, but that does not make it Catholic Doctrine.

    He does not speak for me, any more than he speaks for any faithful Catholic, and he does NOT reflect my own beliefs. In matters such as he expounds, I have to say that I have to politely disagree. I can only pray that the light of the Holy Spirit enlightens him and he has an earthly opportunity to reverse his problematic beliefs in “climate change” and “income equality,” among other things.

    (Interestingly, in his address to the joint Houses of Congress on Friday, he did not mention Jesus Christ even one time.)

  • Hopeychangey

    September 25, 2015

    It’s a fact that there has never been a time in the history of the world when  news gets out and gets spread faster than it does today, for all the obvious reasons you already know. Nowadays, we should add this consideration to the way we think about any national and international events.

    More people know more about what’s going on around them than ever before (and, on the other side, there are probably more people knowing LESS about anything than every before, as well).

    Unfortunately, thanks to the efforts of leftists who refuse to allow real values, morals, and politeness to be taught in public schools, we are faced with a nation of government-educated people who have no concept of Right or Wrong (as it applies to others), a simplistic belief in the leftist Holy Grail of “fairness,” of decency or degeneracy, or of truth and falsehood, who believe that they are entitled to the fruits of the labor of others because they have been taught that they are, regardless of the truth.

    Without God in our daily life, it becomes just existence. With no morality, least of all, the kind called for in the Ten Commandments, we become a nation of undisciplined and selfish pleasure-seekers, people who can’t be bothered with kindness or charity, who believe that signing up for welfare or grant handouts of whatever kind can be a career choice. The apparent main focus of the daily life of a young person is “connecting,” a new word for finding a sexual partner for the night. Unborn babies are slaughtered because of their inconvenient existence, their body parts removed while their hearts still beat and sold off to the highest bidders, and these things are called part of “life.”

    In such an environment, it is easy for ignorant people to be led astray by plausible liars. Unaware because they are taught so, that there is REAL TRUTH, the victims of these plausible liars fall for any lies, and find their lives losing meaning by the day, but thinking that being “cool” or “hip” will fix all that. Nothing is important but their individual comfort.

    Unfortunately, this also means that when a smooth-talking liar comes along, he will be able to convince large numbers to follow him. The current trend of referring to President Barack Hussein Obama as “The One,” or “messiah,” are simply symptoms of the unknown hunger in the hearts of sheep without a shepherd, whose souls long for the REAL Messiah, but who know Him not. But most of them have already thrown out the REAL Messiah, and have chosen to follow the fake.

    Empty promises are simply that: empty. It’s not difficult to promise anything. The difficulty lies in keeping those promises. Unfortunately, the people who have been lied to still retain enough understanding to believe that someone who promises us something is going to keep the promise, while the liars just add lie to lie without the slightest moral qualm.

    A false messiah promises “hope” and “change,” and more of the same. For a lot of those who believe the change they hope for will be that they will be suddenly thrust into the ascendancy above others, placed into positions of power and privelege. They hope the change will mean no more debt or work for them. They believe they will become the elite, while those whom they blamed for their problems will suddenly become the “underclass,” to be treated with disdain and contempt. Will these changes materialize? Unfortunately, even a pale version will not only not be probable, but not possible this side of the grave.

    Many times throughout history people have tried to pass themselves off as the hope of their nations, or the long-awaited One who would change the world for the better and bring the Utopian completion of all mundane life. But, unfortunately, these charlatans have presented themselves to people who have stopped believing in the REAL Messiah, whose Return the real world still awaits. If the people are tired enough of waiting, they will settle for a plausible substitute to acclaim; one who promises “hope,” and “change.”