• Why Are You Doing This To Us?

    October 13, 2015

    Gentle men and ladies of Washington;
    Why are you doing this to us? We elected you, and you are betraying our trust right, left, and center. Nothing has been left to us, you have stripped us of nearly every cent of income, every ounce of autonomy, our jobs, our Constitutional rights, and every chance to have our voices heard by our government. You, as our elected officials, not only ignore us, you treat us with sneering contempt and accuse us of being insane for wanting to keep our own healthcare insurance, keep our government off our backs and out of our wallets, our jobs, and the money we earn.

    You have stolen the future from our posterity in your mad rush to spend every cent we could produce, and then deliberately shut down any means we might have had to produce more by breaking the backs of the businesses who refused to get into bed with you, so they could not hire us. THIS is what you call “honest representation??”

    Why are you DOING this to us?


    If anybody in the world has the right to feel seduced and abandoned, it’s the American voter. You are kneeling on our throats, you are kicking us between the legs, and you are spitting in our faces. What is left that you haven’t thought of — arm tattoos and cattlecars? You abort us at the beginning of our lives, then you rush us to the incinerators after we have ceased to be useful to you.

    WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO US?? You got our votes, you got our money, you own our lives. What else do you want from us? What else are you planning to do to us?

  • WANTED: Fighters

    August 20, 2015

    You can’t listen/watch what’s going on in Washington these days without feeling like you have stepped into some kind of alternate universe. It used to be a regular thing in the halls of government to see harangues, bombast, and name-calling. These days, we are so used (by design of the democrats, obviously) to seeing whiny nancyboys backing down, sucking up, rolling over, and generally falling all over themselves trying to prove how easy they are to get along with, all the while the country is going to Hell in a handbasket, the middle class is being beaten like a rented mule, Christian Whites are singled out for especially noxious mistreatment, Bill Gates has more money than the government, and we expect to see our grandchildren drown in a bottomless ocean of red ink that the current resident filled in just over seven years.

    Having a somewhat-black, mostly muslim chief executive who has prounounced every word, move, or legislation from the Right an act of “racism” makes everybody on the Right nervous and very jumpy, and afraid to speak out or express themselves freely. The good guys, being good guys, hesitate to do or say anything that could be construed as “racist,” so they don’t defend themselves when the bad guys push them around and generally prove that nice guys do finish last, and wind up with no respect. It makes it very hard to believe that presumably intelligent people, in control of their faculties and with knowledge and forethought, actually voted these pantywaists into office to make laws on their behalf.

    Then, along comes tycoon Donald Trump, and Dr. Ben Carson, and a Republican field of sixteen candidates to throw their hats into the ring. To say that Trump and Carson shook things up would be the understatement of the year. They have managed to tap into a vast undercurrent of dissatisfaction and even rage in the middle class, and it has reached a point, even this early in the campaign cycle, that Trump, for instance, has had to change to larger venues twice for his upcoming speech in Alabama. Will he fill a football stadium? I wouldn’t be surprised. Most of the top tier of candidates are drawing very respectable crowds. They must be saying the things the people want to hear.

    And the scandal around Hillary Clinton’s breaches of security, protocol, and general honesty continues to deepen. Who would have thought it could happen, even three months ago? But, I digress.

    Any budget battle should be a battle, and it actually looks like it might even develop into something vaguely resembling the real, old-fasioned sausage-making we old-timers were used to seeing in the olden days when lawmakers had the courage of their convictions, and actually STOOD for the same things their voters believed in.

    If I was going to say something to my GOP representatives and senators, it would go something like this: “You have the TRUTH on your side. Why are you backing down from compulsive liars? Get back in there and prove to the people who sent you to Washington on their behalf that they didn’t waste their votes. We will vote you out if you refuse to do what we sent you to Washington to do. Remember the elections of 2010 and 2014, and be warned.”

    Don’t be alarmed by what you see, because the contests are just beginning, and I hope to see more contention, more argumentation, more shouting and gesticulating, and just plain opposition from now on.

    Let’s see what happens when our chosen representatives actually FIGHT for US.

  • Guilty!

    April 29, 2015

    Ever notice how many people on the left hate the rich?

    Ever notice how happy the LSM, pundits, and lefty politicians are to turn more people against those rich people?

    Ever notice how many rich people got their money by working for it, risking it, losing it, regaining it, hiring people with it?

    Moneymakers are in the middle class. Working class. If they get rich, it’s by working for their wealth. They chased the dream, and maybe they caught it, but even if they didn’t, they got close. Lefties can’t make that connection. ANY rich person, to them, is a noxious weed, a poisonous pest, to be eliminated with prejudice and full speed ahead. So, isn’t it interesting to see how many really, really RICH people are all Democrats? The mind does boggle, sometimes.

    Now the left is accusing the Right of “sabotaging” the economy. Yes, it’s true. We did it without having a majority vote for the last several years, a numerical advantage in congress that might as well not exist, with an extremely hostile chief executive, too. Amazing. Are we good, or what??

    It IS amazing that the left will bend themselves into pretzles to undermine the middle class, private business, free enterprise, and the pursuit of happiness in the first place, and then have the polished titanium bollocks to blame the disastrous results on the Right. The Right — the guilty party.

  • No RINO’s Need Apply

    August 11, 2014

    Dear GOP Establishment:
    Once more, you have demonstrated your true colors, and your utter disinterest in the little guys out here in Flyoverville. Once again, you have shown the people of America that you would rather get along with the democrats than with your constituents. Once more, you have refused to stand for the platform of the REAL Republican party. Why is this? Why do you even bother to call yourselves “Republican?” Why don’t you just do what you long to do, anyway: Give up those last shreds of “Conservative” pretense, and exchange your GOP elephant for the big blue “D” (for “Dumb?”) in the circle? You know you want to.

    You haven’t done anything in the last twenty years but hog-tie and cripple the Conservatives in the party. You’ve mocked and insulted them. You’ve manipulated against them whenever they have tried to make a difference in the way this country is governed. You have stolen elections to keep them out. So, why, if you are willing to be democrats in all your actions, don’t you just finish the process and go to the (“D” for) Dark Side permanently? Are you afraid we will replace you with REAL Conservatives? Well, fear no longer. That IS the plan.

    You are dross. You are useless eaters and parasites. You have stolen our livelihoods by not standing up to the leftists when they imposed onerous taxes, because you think that makes the democrats LIKE you. You have treated the people who put you into power and supported your candidacies like redheaded stepchildren ever since you gained office, but, I’m afraid those days are over for you. And for us.

    We regret having electing you because you have done nothing but assist the democrats in their deliberate and systematic destruction of this country.

    Don’t bother to run for re-election, you RINOs. You are dead. Fall over, and don’t get back up again.

  • If I Were President…

    December 17, 2013

    If I were President, I would:

    1. DEFUND every federal regulatory department, starting with DOE, HHS, BIA, EPA, and FDA, and remove the right of federal offices to regulate these duties. Return such oversight to state governments.

    2. FREEZE every non-military Federal job in the country. If the employee quit or was fired, the position would be eliminated or reevaluated.

    3. FIRE every government official above GSRange 16. Require all department heads and directors to submit a written report on their department, justifying their (and every position they supervise) existence in that position; be able to justify in their own words (no quotes from Operating Manual!) their departments, why they and their subordinates should be retained in their offices, and who performs their duties in their absence. With these reports, these officials would also submit a signed resignation, effective 30 days in the future. Resignations would be accepted or rejected depending on official’s “necessity” in the government.

    4. FREEZE Federal budgets at 2007 levels across the board, and encourage governors to do the same with their state budgets.

    5. CUT business taxes to the bone or eliminate them wherever possible, and provide contractual incentive to US businesses for their American restart as quickly as possible, declare tax holidays on capital gains, rescind the “death tax,” and provide incentives for privatization of social security and other accounts, which would be once more deemed the employees’ private property, and exempt from siezure or confiscation. Provide for tax credits or “bonuses” to employers for every position brought back from overseas.

    6. REPEAL EVERY EO and law signed by this current administration. Institute the rule in the House and Senate that every new law passed must include a provision for the elimination of at least two other laws or regulations already on the books.

    7. ENCOURAGE the restart and expansion of American oil industry and all related industries, with only appropriate oversight by experienced industry officials, and such state regulation as is required.

    8. INSTITUTE a fair tax across the board for everyone. 15% sounds about right. Less would be better. A national sales tax could even be considered, instead, whichever was lower and more practical.

    9. OUTLAW union organization in ALL federal and state offices, especially for clerical, supervisory, or teaching positions. Offer tax holidays to small businesses in need of capital to become operative and competitive.

    10. DO AWAY with all subsidies paid to farmers, universities, healthcare businesses, industries, and sciences. Institute means-testing for all recipients of SNAP or other handouts. Remove plastic cards and replace with paper vouchers.

    11. PROSECUTE every legislator and politician who has been indicted, under suspicion or under investigation for criminal actions, with no statute of limitations; convict and punish the guilty.

    12. DEFUND all ethanol projects, repeal all EPA demands that Americans buy certain light bulbs or purchase particular-sized toilets, restore corn to the “food” column, and undo crippling taxes and regulations on food crops, and small farmers.

    13. REPEAL–root and branch–all phases, regulations, and parts of ACA.

    But, alas, I am not the President. It’s obvious that a lot of the things listed above are nothing more than pipe dreams, but there is no reason why much of it couldn’t be implemented over a period of time by wise and competent leadership.

    More work for the prayer warriors, as well as the conservative activists among us. But we are equal to the task. After all, we ARE Americans.

  • The Kept Promise

    October 15, 2013

    Well, it looks like there is one promise the won made that he has made an effort to keep, and it is this:

    Some time ago, if I remember correctly, Speaker Boehner stepped up to the microphone and reported on a brief conference between himself and the squatter.
    The won took Boehner into his office and told him in so many words, “If you don’t do things my way, I promise I will spend all the rest of my term blaming the Republicans for every bad thing that happens.”

    So far, I see he’s kept this promise, which is probably a first for him. At any rate, he is the one who doesn’t want compromise, mediation, agreement, or sensible alternatives. He wants as much division, discord, negative outcome, and misery as it is possible for him and his minions to stir up. Anything that can be blamed on the GOP is gleefully pounced upon by the flying monkeys in the so-called media, and beaten like a rented mule, until everybody understands that it’s all the Republicans’ fault, forever.

  • Bill Whittle At Western Conservative Conference

    August 8, 2013


    Can’t get it to post straight to the video.  BUT DO NOT MISS THIS SPEECH!!  Pass it on. This is one everybody needs to hear.

  • I Asked Myself A Question:

    July 27, 2013

    Now, why would leftists want to eliminate any opposition? Dumb question, right? The answer could be simple: Because they want to show their strength? That’s the obvious answer, but it’s only part of it, because consolidation of power and influence is what they are all about, and everybody knows that.

    But it’s not all the answer. There is something else about the left that isn’t known widely, admitted even to themselves, or consented to in any way, and it’s this: They have to eliminate opposition because they are WEAK and can’t stand against real opposition, which would be the truth, and real facts. They don’t have the strength required to stand against honest and righteous power, and the only way they can maintain their position is to project a position of power from their real position of weakness, and do a lot of loud bluffing. (Of course, having a sycophantic press is a major plus, too.) This is why Socialism/Marxism eventually fails everywhere it’s tried.

    We need to arm ourselves with the necessary truth, and to stand boldly. Like a local radio host said, “Don’t ask for permission. When you do that, you give THEM the power.”

  • Is It Time To Dump The Carcass?

    July 13, 2013

    Rush sounded astonished a while back to learn that there were individuals within the GOP who were actively trying to destroy it. Where the heck has he been?? Most of us who vote that GOP line on our ballots have suspected/known that for years. Alaskan politics is built on the whole idea that liberal democrats run as Republicans to get elected, then set about their dirty work. Ask Sarah Palin about the consequences of this behavior. Check the history of the Murkowsky/Begich gangs.

    So why is ANYBODY who is knowledgeable about politics so amazed that such a thing could actually be happening?

    I don’t have a reason for their amazement, but I do understand why they might never have known, and the propaganda ministry is the culprit.

    Some of us are tempted to dump the GOP. I have been a registered “U” (Undeclared) for many years, simply because I had suspicions about a lot of the GOP candidates running in the various states in which I lived during that time, and I always voted the MOST CONSERVATIVE candidate/platform available.

    There are those who insist that we can rescue the party. I sure hope they have a plan for it, because I really have my doubts that it can be saved. Time’s a-wastin’, as my mother used to say, and we are no closer to a solution than we were when Bill Clinton was elected. The carcass is going to start to stink pretty soon.

  • Washington Kabuki

    June 23, 2013


    After you read this, you will understand Washington. (At least a little bit more than before.)

    Oh. And, THIS.