• Moderate, Schmoderate

    August 24, 2015

    Where in the world have people gotten the idea that “moderate” equals “independent,” or vice versa?

    In reality, nothing could be further from the truth. In political parlance, the two seem to be lumped into the same shapeless blob, as if it is necessary to dismiss any opinions held by these folks.

    The moderates are going to be voting (if they even bother to vote) for the most liberal candidate, and history bears this out. They are the ones who will dither until they are in the booth. This is NOT independent thinking, and it does not illustrate the behavior of an independent voter. It’s laziness and a disengaged mind. Moderates might be libertarians, or, they might not. Whatever views they hold often appear to be bland and unformed.

    An independent, on the other hand, is one who has decided political opinions, but who prefers not to be officially affiliated with either major party. As a rule, an independent voter is simply classed as a “U,” or “unaffiliated,” but the word moderate does not describe them. The unaffiliated voter most often aligns himself with the more conservative political party or platform. The terms “independent” and “moderate” are not interchangeable, and never were.

    Take a look at their definitions:
    Moderate: 1. kept or keeping within reasonable or proper limits; not extreme, excessive, or intense: a moderate price.
    2. of medium quantity, extent, or amount: a moderate income.
    3. mediocre or fair: moderate talent.

    Independent: –adjective
    1. not influenced or controlled by others in matters of opinion, conduct, etc.; thinking or acting for oneself: an independent thinker. 2. not subject to another’s authority or jurisdiction; autonomous; free: an independent businessman. 3. not influenced by the thought or action of others: independent research.

    Now, I don’t see any similarity at all between the two words. It’s very annoying for independent people to find themselves lumped in with the lazy thinkers of the moderate persuasion in most punditry. It’s as if the writers themselves are moderates who can’t be bothered to take the time to look up the two terms, and see for themselves that there are differences between them, and they are not insignificant.

    Please, pundits, don’t lump us feisty independents in with those lazy moderates any more. To quote Queen Victoria: We are not amused.

  • WANTED: Fighters

    August 20, 2015

    You can’t listen/watch what’s going on in Washington these days without feeling like you have stepped into some kind of alternate universe. It used to be a regular thing in the halls of government to see harangues, bombast, and name-calling. These days, we are so used (by design of the democrats, obviously) to seeing whiny nancyboys backing down, sucking up, rolling over, and generally falling all over themselves trying to prove how easy they are to get along with, all the while the country is going to Hell in a handbasket, the middle class is being beaten like a rented mule, Christian Whites are singled out for especially noxious mistreatment, Bill Gates has more money than the government, and we expect to see our grandchildren drown in a bottomless ocean of red ink that the current resident filled in just over seven years.

    Having a somewhat-black, mostly muslim chief executive who has prounounced every word, move, or legislation from the Right an act of “racism” makes everybody on the Right nervous and very jumpy, and afraid to speak out or express themselves freely. The good guys, being good guys, hesitate to do or say anything that could be construed as “racist,” so they don’t defend themselves when the bad guys push them around and generally prove that nice guys do finish last, and wind up with no respect. It makes it very hard to believe that presumably intelligent people, in control of their faculties and with knowledge and forethought, actually voted these pantywaists into office to make laws on their behalf.

    Then, along comes tycoon Donald Trump, and Dr. Ben Carson, and a Republican field of sixteen candidates to throw their hats into the ring. To say that Trump and Carson shook things up would be the understatement of the year. They have managed to tap into a vast undercurrent of dissatisfaction and even rage in the middle class, and it has reached a point, even this early in the campaign cycle, that Trump, for instance, has had to change to larger venues twice for his upcoming speech in Alabama. Will he fill a football stadium? I wouldn’t be surprised. Most of the top tier of candidates are drawing very respectable crowds. They must be saying the things the people want to hear.

    And the scandal around Hillary Clinton’s breaches of security, protocol, and general honesty continues to deepen. Who would have thought it could happen, even three months ago? But, I digress.

    Any budget battle should be a battle, and it actually looks like it might even develop into something vaguely resembling the real, old-fasioned sausage-making we old-timers were used to seeing in the olden days when lawmakers had the courage of their convictions, and actually STOOD for the same things their voters believed in.

    If I was going to say something to my GOP representatives and senators, it would go something like this: “You have the TRUTH on your side. Why are you backing down from compulsive liars? Get back in there and prove to the people who sent you to Washington on their behalf that they didn’t waste their votes. We will vote you out if you refuse to do what we sent you to Washington to do. Remember the elections of 2010 and 2014, and be warned.”

    Don’t be alarmed by what you see, because the contests are just beginning, and I hope to see more contention, more argumentation, more shouting and gesticulating, and just plain opposition from now on.

    Let’s see what happens when our chosen representatives actually FIGHT for US.

  • Hell-Bent

    August 15, 2015

    14 If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land. (2 Chron 7:14)

    There is a saying out there to the effect that “countries tend to get the kind of government they ask for and deserve.” Of course, as individual Americans, there are millions of Americans who really don’t deserve the destructive, vindictive, hateful government that currently occupies our Capitol, but we do suffer for the actions of the marxists who deliberately put it into place. This “government” has been hell-bent (literally and figuratively) on the destruction of the Constitution for years, and are closer to their goal today than at any point in our history.

    As a nation, we appear to be getting what we deserve, even though there are millions of real Americans who are desperately fighting against the evil designs of the marxists in government and media.

    These marxist tools have asked, nay, BEGGED, for a nannystate, and forced it onto people who did not wish to be ruled by it. By destroying the middle-class economy, the current regime has deliberately forced millions of formerly hard-working people to beg for handouts from the government. The marxists have demanded a military full of unreliable people of dubious proclivities, and WE got it, in spite of the few remaining personnel in our military forces who wish only to have the opportunity to defend the oath they took when they were sworn in.

    What we got for the desires of these spurious legislators is a dictocrat marxist closet muslim who is so anti-Constitutional that he has even managed to persuade democrat governors of several states to join him, not just in trampling the Constitution, but going around Congress and ruling by fiat, regardless of the desires of voters. This group has deliberately and unConstitutionally thwarted the will of the people in forcing o-care through congress to signature without due process or debate (according to plan), and in deliberate defiance of the fact that the people were unanimously opposed to such a sweeping usurpation of their power as previously self-governing free citizens.

    So, apparently, it will be left to the believers to follow the scripture verse above, and fall on our knees in contrition before the Lord God; admitting our own part in this through our past inaction, and begging for mercy for America and for our children’s children, who will be left with the burden of consequence from these past sorry choices.

  • But, WHY??

    August 7, 2015

    “But, WHY??”

    Why are those on the left so determined to destroy America and all she stands for in the world? Why would they desire the destruction of the engine that drives the world economy? Why would they wish to turn Americans into functional illiterates and other willfully unemployed, maleducated lazy takers? Of course, the question is always rhetorical, because I (and you, of course) know the answers. For us, it’s easy to understand. But we are the informed ones who pay attention to these kinds of things. For other, less-well-informed individuals, the answer may be more difficult to find and still more difficult to accept.

    For all their lives, the leftists have been indoctrinated into the unconscionably evil existence of American freedom, commerce, prosperity, faith, and simple happiness. They have been taught to hate all that is good, and the biggest example of goodness in the world for a couple of centuries has, obviously, been America. Unfortunately, people like these haters wormed their way into government by hook and crook, and began the methodical and relentless undermining of everything America has ever stood for.

    Here they are, citizens along with the rest of us, with every advantage, right, and opportunity the rest of us have, and they are disturbed by every second of it. The reason they are so focused on destroying us from within is a single, simple word: HATE. They hate us, and everything about us, even though they are of us by blood and birth. They hate the freedom we have to move about, to talk to anyone we wish, to buy, spend, sell, and vote. They hate our good health, our optimism, our enjoyment of life and our pleasure in our leisure time.

    So very sad for them. We will lose a lot if their hatred prevails; but even though they do everything they can to destroy and undermine us, we will still have our inner joy, peace, optimism, and love. All they will ever have is dismal misery, because they will never give up their hatred for America. They will never be happy, even if they are successful in destroying our culture, economy, and freedoms. They will never know real peace, real love, or any form of joy because they will never understand that America’s greatness lies in her people. Even though they are part of us, they will hate every second of that relationship.

    They don’t want to share in our greatness because their god is hate and their creed is “envy.” Pray for them.

  • Ryan Bomberger Article in TownHall. com

    August 5, 2015

    I have asked myself several times since the planned barrenhood videos began appearing why I wasn’t writing anything about the ghastly butchery being discussed like remaindered magazines.

    It finally occurred to me as I read Mr. Bomberger’s masterful article that I, too, was almost incapable of putting into words the hideous evil I was hearing about (forgive me, but I haven’t been able to watch or listen to any of them, aside from the sound clips that turn up on talk shows).

    Ryan Bomberger wrote the following. All I can do is say, “Hear, hear!” and weep and pray for our lost humanity.

    “Hitler called and wants his “scientists” back.

    When did our society lose the compulsion to be outraged over grotesque inhumanity? Planned Parenthood, the nation’s #1 killer of unborn children, is caught selling aborted babies’ organs and entire intact bodies and liberals sound like Nazis: “ALL IN THE NAME OF SCIENCE!” The Center for Medical Progress, conducting investigative journalism because billion-dollar mainstream media has no interest in investing in the truth, continues to open our eyes and convict our souls (at least some of us) with the 5th video release detailing Planned Parenthood’s inhumanity.

    In the video, Planned Parenthood abortionists (some are the “active researchers” who have a vested financial interest in procuring “specimens”) proudly sift through their day’s work, picking and poking arms, legs, brains, lungs, eyeballs–I can’t even believe I’m typing these things–like they’re looking through cereal for a prize…And so many can’t even see that the Pol Pots, the Stalins, the transatlantic slave traders, the Mao Zedongs, the Hitlers of world history have simply donned a different outfit, a splashy new pink banner, and a few new euphemisms. But they’re still the same culprits of corruption and inhuman injustice…”

  • Those Cornered Rats Again

    June 19, 2015

    After hearing months’ worth of rhetoric from the left about the nefarious dealings of the white right, it finally occurred to me that the phenomenon is an old one.

    Ever hear of cornered rats?

    The left knows they have few options left, and very little time left to accomplish all they dreamed when the divine one was slid into office in 2008 on skids greased with fraud. If they don’t get the job done this time, it’s fairly certain they will have to fall back and regroup for an undetermined length of time. They have pulled out all the stops. They have villified, they have whined and cried about being singled out for bad treatment, they have insinuated and lied. All these reactions are their desperate attempts to fight back against a foe they know they can never really vanquish.

    But every time the right speaks the truth; every time events prove the truth, the cornered rats rear up and hiss their furious rebuttal. They fear truth like the wicked witch fears water. It is to be refuted repeatedly, and they squeal and shout to drown it out whenever it appears.

    As Conservatives who revere the truth in all its forms, we know that it will eventually prevail. But having to listen to these squealing, terrified rats try to overcome the truth with volume and repitition is downright annoying. There isn’t much we can do except to stand by the truth whenever we are called to do so, and to expose the lies and tactics of the left as often as we can.

    Cornered rats have reached the end of the line. They have used up their resources and wasted their weapons. They have nothing left but noise. Don’t let up. Use earplugs if necessary, but don’t let them prevail. We have the truth, and the truth will out.

  • Excuse Me…?

    June 13, 2015

    Excuse me, but exactly when did it become necessary to be “loyal” to Obama? Reading about the House Democratic Caucus mentions this condition, which smacks so much of idolatry and tyranny that I’m having a hard time wrapping my mind around the concept. I know it occurs,of course, but always thought it was more or less a personal choice (if such there be in the democrat world).

    I can understand loyalty to country and crown. Those are normal attitudes. But a “loyalty” to a particular leader that is monitored and not deviated from is a sick form of hero worship. The only people I can think of who required this loyalty were despots and tyrants.

  • Picking Losers

    June 2, 2015

    The current resident is a perfect, glowing example of why we should never, never, EVER allow the media to pick our leaders for us again. They have horrible taste in candidates, are too lazy to vet backgrounds (or too crooked), and lose a lot of their credibility by kissing butt and sucking up. But somehow, these media suckups have decided that they are the final arbiters of what’s best for the country, and they pick their favorite pony in every race, then force that pony down our throats, even if we don’t want to eat it.

    Picking winners is a science, as well as an art. It reqires insight, knowledge of the contestants, information about the condition of the track, and whether or not the contestants are feeling up to par. The talent for winner-picking can be used to an advantage, but it is obvious that the self-appointed pickers in the dinosaur media are not doing a very good job of whatever it was they set out to do.

    The main problem with their choice is the fact that their latest pony is also a doctrinaire socialist and a malignant narcissist who has vowed to “change” America. But, they did choose him, and their criteria for picking him were: 1) The color of his skin; 2) His political persuasion; and 3) The color of his skin. (yes, I repeated it deliberately).

    Winner-picking should be left to the bettors (voters). It’s our money in the purse, and we want to be the ones who say which pony is to stand in the winner’s circle. (One thing I always noticed about those real winners: They didn’t get there by themselves. Also in the circle are the owners, the jockey, the trainer, the grooms, even the stablehands and hotwalkers.) Of course, making it to the winners circle also means that the team around the winner is the best that it is possible to accumulate. Which brings us back to the current resident and the bunch of hacks, dolts, suckups, and apparatchiki with whom he has surrounded himself. Unfortunately, the winner’s circle in America is the Oval Office, and the hack nag standing in there with his supporters got there by cheating and fraud, looking every bit like the hack nag he is. If that is the best the presstitutes and pundits can do, they have proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that they have absolutely NO business picking our leaders.

    Now, they’ve fielded another hack nag, one even more used-up and worthless than their former choice, and, boy, is she ever ready for the glue factory. Fraud? Things happen around her that seem to say she almost invented the practice. Lies and deceit? I’m still firmly of the belief that she taught Willie to lie so well. And, this is the best the left can come up with.

    Sometimes it’s just hard to tell who is the worse hack: the pony, or his handlers. Not an easy choice to make, considering what we have to choose from. Let’s hope that by the time the crunch comes in November 2016, the backroom pickers will have moved on to messing up something else in American society, like educa…, oh, wait.

    So, now we are coming down to the stretch, so we need to be sure we know the field, know the track, the jockeys, and the strategy. We need winners in this next race, not the hacks and spavined nags the mediots keep forcing on us.

  • The Leftists’ Magical Thinking World

    May 22, 2015

    Like superstitious teenagers, the left cherishes some interesting incantations and magical thinking in their dealings with those of us on the right. Their favorite new “abracadabra!” is “Racist!” It is deployed into any conversation, especially by the devoutly adhered supporters of the current rodent.

    Think of all the catchphrases, buzzwords, and epithets they use, how frequently they use them against Conservatives of any stripe, and you begin to notice patterns. Can it really be that the use of these words is to the left a real weapon, or is it only the expression of narrow thought and cramped expression? Whatever it is, the sad reality is that any news show can provide numerous copies of incantations, regardless of the program being watched or the editorial opinion being read.

    Next time, take notes. Do like radio host Rush Limbaugh does with these people, and put together a tally-sheet of how often words or phrases are used, and you will see the same words, used the same way, by all the adherents.

    In a world of fast-as-light personal communication, the broadness of the internet for sources of new vocabulary and usage resources, the leftist news hawks are determinedly stuck in their magical-thinking world, superstitiously slathering their latest buzzwords and blame-phrases on anyone who isn’t solidly in their camp.

    Hoping to make us go away, they speak their abracadabras at us in every way imaginable, and paint every one of us with the very useful “racist” abracadabra. Somebody should tell them about capes,magic wands, top hats with rabbits inside, and words like “Ipso Facto!” or “Montezuma!” or my own private and personal favorite, “Ookiedook!” Any good word would do, but “racist” has got to go.

  • Land of the Lost

    May 2, 2015

    I’ve noticed a “theme” running through the topics I post about on here, namely, a sense of lamentation over what we have driven from American society. Most frequently, the lament is over lost freedoms, lost joys, lost prosperity, and a sense that America was the best that could be had (which she was — and still is, warts and all), and a moral guide that brought out the best in the largest majority of Americans. We have allowed those lost things to be replaced by a millieu of regulations, compliance, embarrassment, toothless inspiration, ugly arts, sanctimony among our media representatives, and a dangerous sublimation of patriotism.

    Along with those lost things, we’ve lost our place as the motor that drives the world’s economies. We have lost our sense of where we belonged in the world, and allowed uninspired and mediocre people in power to push America to the debit side of the ledger of national pride.

    We lost our posterity in a lot of ways. We began to murder them for their inconvenience before they had a chance to breathe the air of American opportunity, and since Roe v. Wade, we have the shameful record of slaughtering over fifty million of our own people before they were born. Those we allowed to live we condemned to a life of guilty sanctimony, brainwashed foolishness, forced them to prefer worship of the earth to the worship of its almighty Creator. We substituted real worship for a spurious, tv commercial dream-world in which we exist in the land of immaculate white kitchens with spotless floors, 2.3 children, a dog that is allowed on the furniture, and a hybrid minivan in the driveway.

    We accepted mediocre educations for ourselves and our children because we were unwilling to demand excellence and brilliance in our teachers and schools, or to make them accountable for the superiority of their graduates. We taught our children to prefer the government as the source of their existence to the loving care of two opposite-sex parents in the home and substituted tv and videogames for supervision. And we did this by forcing parents into roles that were never meant for them.

    We allowed an elitist media class to tell us what and how to think. They chose the newsworthy topics and then they told us what to believe about what they told us. They mocked modesty, faith, and patriotism, and made honesty a crippled outcast from the public debate. Lies were smoothed over, cupidity was winked at, the truth was squelched, and the parade of propaganda marched through our lives from our tenderest years onward, selected and composed by sworn enemies of America’s way of life.

    Our churches, in an effort to merge with the new millennium, began the watering down of God’s message in an ignorant and rather tawdry attempt to be all things to all people. By desperate attempts to be all-inclusive, the churches lost the vision of Heavenly joy and settled for a squishy mush of kumbaya and “can’t we all just get along?” We drove out the Lord who healed the lepers and cleansed the temple, and settled for a nice guy who didn’t mind when we did the things the Real Savior repeatedly warned against in His Word.

    A lot has been lost, but those of us who are still young enough to fight owe it to our posterity to try to restore as much as we can of the lost exceptionalism of America before we hand it on to them.

    This is no longer our fathers’ America. We shouldn’t want to let it be the one the children of the future curse us for bequeathing to them.