Losing The Polestar

October 23, 2015

There is an adage in politics: “Nations tend to get the kind of leaders they deserve.” If this is true, it is long past time for Americans to examine their behavior in the last fifty years or so. It doesn’t take much in the way of soul-searching to see that a lot of our recent national behavior has BEGGED for the kind of government we have now. In one way or another, we have demanded that the laws and rules of an orderly society be discarded.

Even bloodthirsty, torturing murderers get trials, but helpless people of all sizes and ages are left to die, starved and thirsted to death, or torn apart before they have had a chance to breathe the air of a (formerly) free nation.

The decade of the Fifties was a time of real blessing for America. The Korean War was over, and the soldiers were home to add their muscle to the workforce. Lots of people were born during those years, and their parents were the first generation that was able to promise their children an easier life and have a good chance of seeing their promises fulfilled.

In the urgency to make things better for our children, we began to put aside faith and perspicacity. We became satisfied to believe what we were told by news outlets, because doing our own research interfered with our quest to improve the lots of our children. Attending church and instructing our children in their faith lost its importance. Those children became selfish and spoiled because parents worked so hard on their behalf the children didn’t have to learn the value of hard work, sacrifice, and self-discipline, and both parents were often at work when the kids got home from school, leaving them to fend for themselves and get into their own special brands of mischief without supervision.

Parents scrimped and did without so their kids could go to college, whether those children were smart enough or even cared enough about education to go. The parents saw it as an opportunity to get the educational advantages they had never had. The mostly-ungrateful-for-the-sacrifice students saw it as an opportunity to party till they puked, and the deterioration of morals continued as socialistic professors convinced their students that American morality was old-fashioned and selfish.

As those wastrel children came of age and their parents insisted they “go to work and do something with that diploma we scrimped to provide you with,” the students were just as determined not to amount to anything that was even remotely connected with “work.” They wanted “careers!” They were convinced that their “caring” about the poor and downtrodden was more helpful than succeeding to the point that they could hire and PAY those poor and downtrodden so they wouldn’t have to remain in that condition.

It never occurred to these parents that never providing a child with opportunities to fail and accept consequences for behavior simply cheated those children of the most valuable life lessons of all, and raising children according to Dr. Spock’s book became the only way to do things.

The Polestar

A moral absolute is more than just a law. It is a polestar. The polestar is the unchanging star in the sky that never moves. It never changes. It can be obscured by clouds, but it will be exactly in place when the clouds clear away. Navigators who lost the position of the polestar could only wander off course, often into danger and death. Everything depended on knowing where that star was, even in daylight.

But a moral polestar in this society has become an unnecessary piece of archaic baggage, fit only to be discarded by the “enlightened” elites. Consequently, we have children sexualized in kindergarten, teachers having sexual relationships with their much-younger students, and a generation of people who are so completely desensitized to sexual propriety that they think nothing of having sex in the classrooms, on screen, or wherever the urge strikes them. We have priests, rabbis, and ministers who take advantage of their flocks, sexually, financially, and morally, even to the point of murdering their entire congregations, as in the case of Jim Jones. Government officials and financiers steal as much as they can, as often as they can, from as many as they can, and are NEVER caught, tried, convicted, or punished. If this isn’t a description of a society that has lost its moral bearings, I don’t know what is.

If we deliberately destroy our moral guidelines, we deserve the consequences of that destruction. Locking onto the polestar once again is the only way we have as a nation to get back on course and repair the damage from those consequences.

I wondered today about the political stupidity of Americans, and how we got this way. It’s such a convoluted trail that it would take a half-dozen of historian Paul Johnson’s tomes to unravel it. We have dumbed down our school children; we have turned our colleges over to Fascists and Communists; we have allowed our Church to become a haven for evil, heresy, blasphemy, rebellion, and perversity; we have turned our backs on ALL AND ANY REAL AUTHORITY, and ceded our freedoms to a centralized government. We have no one to blame for this situation but ourselves, but I think a large factor in the wussification of America (can that be a word?) is our deliberate turning away from any absolute authority.

When we threw God out of the public arena and the public schools, we deliberately slammed the door against clear thought, reasonable discourse, a true chain of command, and real protection of the innocent. (This is such a BIG concept that I am having trouble finding words to express it. Please be patient with my puny attempts.) Who would have thoughtt, 40 years ago, that we would EVER turn our backs on the God Who loves us and created us out of that love? And yet, here we are, sitting like spoiled babies surrounded by toys we have deliberately broken, wondering how it all went wrong, and refusing to allow anyone with knowhow to actually fix them.

Maleness and true masculinity has undergone a 40 year reign of terror in this country. The truest of all patriarchal figures is God the Father. The human manifestation of His maleness is Jesus Christ. The ultimate role model has been relegated to the wastebasket by American culture. When America modeled herself after the MALENESS of God, it was a light to the world. Now it is modeling itself after fallen Eve and her fixation on the sly words of the serpent, and the results are almost too horrible to contemplate. Will we EVER find our way back to God?

In the meantime, while we dream of a road show starring Torquemada and Hercules to punish the betrayers and clean the church stables we might consider the even more hopeless task of re-invigorating the patriarchy so that strong, smart males and females can thrive and model true roles for their places in Creation. This is the saddest part of all. We have turned our Catholic Church over to a bunch of hyenas who have only one goal in mind–to tear the Church down and in 3 “days,” rebuild it in their own image. They have almost succeeded.

America is already a mission field, so missionary priests from other countries will probably figure largely in our future as the Catholic Church in America. But we NEED Torquemada. We NEED stable hands to clean out the muck. We NEED to get the Church (and the nation) back from these hyenas. It will survive, but the chances are pretty good that it won’t be surviving in the United States beyond a remnant, a small underground Church hiding in barns and forest glens.

The hyenas are laughing as they close in on our young, and no lion is appearing on the horizon…

‘Nuff said, sadly.

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  1. Fr. D /

    Liz, there is much truth in what you have written, but I think you have oversimplified it a bit. A lot of it was indeed done, “for the children,” to the point that this phrase has become a cliche’. But a lot of it, I think, was done by those same parents who decided that they did not need God for themselves, and that they could have whatever they wanted. Think how many women ceased to be housewives after WW II. Before the war, they had contentedly kept house, but after the war, they took jobs and the family could enjoy two incomes. This has happened to the point that today, the norm is two incomes, and a single income family is often among the poor.

    You are definitely correct about the needed solution. We must turn back to Jesus Christ. Absolutely nothing else will relieve our mess! Any yet, now we have a pope whose personal motto is, “Make a mess!” I think he is a willing tool of the devil.

    Do you read Ann Barnhardt? (barnhardt.biz)? She says many harsh things, but it is very difficult to fault her reasoning. If you have not read her, I recommend her column. She is very abrasive, but she makes sense and I think she is most often correct.

    1. lizp4 / Post Author

      LOL! I edited it for length. It was already well over 1,000 words. Yes, all you have said is true. Francis appears to be a tool of the left, and a man of small intellect and of apparent superficial faith. He is a product of his culture, which is decidedly socialist and humanist. Oh, well, he’s who we have to deal with until he can be forced out. But real Catholics believe the doctrine of the CHURCH, and not the words of the popes. They (popes) can blather all they want, but they can’t change doctrine willy-nilly, even though outsiders believe that “infallible” means all popes have to do is speak, and it’s law.

      Yah, I’ve read Ann Barnhardt frequently. Loved her video of burning the koran and using bacon for bookmarks. LOL! She’s feisty, to put it mildly.

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