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August 20, 2015

You can’t listen/watch what’s going on in Washington these days without feeling like you have stepped into some kind of alternate universe. It used to be a regular thing in the halls of government to see harangues, bombast, and name-calling. These days, we are so used (by design of the democrats, obviously) to seeing whiny nancyboys backing down, sucking up, rolling over, and generally falling all over themselves trying to prove how easy they are to get along with, all the while the country is going to Hell in a handbasket, the middle class is being beaten like a rented mule, Christian Whites are singled out for especially noxious mistreatment, Bill Gates has more money than the government, and we expect to see our grandchildren drown in a bottomless ocean of red ink that the current resident filled in just over seven years.

Having a somewhat-black, mostly muslim chief executive who has prounounced every word, move, or legislation from the Right an act of “racism” makes everybody on the Right nervous and very jumpy, and afraid to speak out or express themselves freely. The good guys, being good guys, hesitate to do or say anything that could be construed as “racist,” so they don’t defend themselves when the bad guys push them around and generally prove that nice guys do finish last, and wind up with no respect. It makes it very hard to believe that presumably intelligent people, in control of their faculties and with knowledge and forethought, actually voted these pantywaists into office to make laws on their behalf.

Then, along comes tycoon Donald Trump, and Dr. Ben Carson, and a Republican field of sixteen candidates to throw their hats into the ring. To say that Trump and Carson shook things up would be the understatement of the year. They have managed to tap into a vast undercurrent of dissatisfaction and even rage in the middle class, and it has reached a point, even this early in the campaign cycle, that Trump, for instance, has had to change to larger venues twice for his upcoming speech in Alabama. Will he fill a football stadium? I wouldn’t be surprised. Most of the top tier of candidates are drawing very respectable crowds. They must be saying the things the people want to hear.

And the scandal around Hillary Clinton’s breaches of security, protocol, and general honesty continues to deepen. Who would have thought it could happen, even three months ago? But, I digress.

Any budget battle should be a battle, and it actually looks like it might even develop into something vaguely resembling the real, old-fasioned sausage-making we old-timers were used to seeing in the olden days when lawmakers had the courage of their convictions, and actually STOOD for the same things their voters believed in.

If I was going to say something to my GOP representatives and senators, it would go something like this: “You have the TRUTH on your side. Why are you backing down from compulsive liars? Get back in there and prove to the people who sent you to Washington on their behalf that they didn’t waste their votes. We will vote you out if you refuse to do what we sent you to Washington to do. Remember the elections of 2010 and 2014, and be warned.”

Don’t be alarmed by what you see, because the contests are just beginning, and I hope to see more contention, more argumentation, more shouting and gesticulating, and just plain opposition from now on.

Let’s see what happens when our chosen representatives actually FIGHT for US.

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  1. Fr. D /

    The thing that I find alarming is the vast number of people who are suddenly all for TChump. Do they see what happens when you elect an ego-eccentric narcissist to the White House? Chump is interested in only one person, one goal, and that is Chump. He is demonstrating that he is pretty savvy at detecting what people want to hear. It is certainly true that the nation is fed up with the immigration mess, Oblamacare, and countless other criminal actions by the regime. This is all true, and Chump is playing to those emotions. I have no confidence in the least bit that he would actually do anything at all to right the ship. His goal is to get elected. He has shown repeatedly that he will do whatever he pleases; he cares not one whit what anyone else thinks. Why do we think he would look after us if we elect him? He will be just as much an ego-maniac at Oblama!

    Don’t we every learn? (Don’t answer that; I know the answer.)

  2. lizp4 / Post Author

    I would much prefer Ted Cruz and/or Ben Carson. Trump is interesting because he has put his finger on the things that people are most concerned about. I have a feeling he won’t be elected, but he is drawing out the “me, too’s” from the field of candidates, which is a good thing, since heretofore, they have (except for Cruz) been fearful of coming out and stating the patriotic and truly conservative message.

    If they, like Cruz, can boldly and forcefully stand up for righteousness, patriotism, and the Constitution, then Trump, warts and all, will have done a good thing.

    If, as one of the pollsters has it, he has reached his zenith, then we shall see what transpires as he begins to level off. As I say, he is interesting. But I’m not planning to vote for him.

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