Presidential “Don’t’s”

August 27, 2015

American presidents don’t keep company with domestic terrorists, bow to foreign kings, apologize for their country all around the world, sneer at their citizens, or RULE as if the Constitution didn’t exist. These things are what despots do.

For the first time in America’s history, she has saddled herself with a cowardly despot; someone who regards America as his personal fiefdom, its people as his serfs and slaves, good for nothing except as a source of revenue and adulation, and actively and openly makes policy that is so counter-productive and so anti-American, that it is no stretch to see him as an America-hating Marxist who has surrounded himself with an unelected covey of like-minded elites, bent on the destruction of the very country that elected and acclaimed him. A despot who, as we are finding out to our pain, is going to do everything he can do, pull out all the stops, call in as many military groups as he can, all to stay in power in 2012. The Constitution won’t stop him, since he has nothing but contempt for it. If the thought of this eventuality doesn’t disturb us, it certainly SHOULD.

The question falls to us: What do we want? Do we want more of this, or do we want our country BACK? We need to stay in the loop, to keep ourselves infomed and inspired, and send true-blue conservatives to every public office we can. AND PRAY. We can do this.

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  1. Fr. D /

    Liz, you are certainly correct at one level, but there is a problem with this “simple solution” at another level. It is just this ….

    There are few, if any, real true-blue conservatives running for office. Politics has become so dirty that most honorable people want nothing to do with it. It has become so expensive that it is a rich man’s game, and the only way a non-rich man can play is to have rich friends to whom he is then beholden.

    This is a lose-lose proposition.

    I am afraid that armed revolution is the only real answer, and that will result in fragmenting the country.

  2. lizp4 / Post Author

    I sometimes envision a future America as a set of separate “nation-states” within a nation; with the West (Alaska, Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, Northern Colorado, perhaps) as one entity, the eastern seaboard as another, etc. Somehow, after the trauma this nation has suffered at the hands of this evil little cockroach, it is going to have to fall apart before it can put itself back together again. Perhaps by the time my grandchildren have their adult children around them, it will be resolved.

    Amazing. It took just 7 years to tear this country apart. It will take a hundred to put it back together again. And, here I am, too old to do much more than weep, wail, and gnash my teeth. And pray, of course. Sigh…

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