Uninteded Consequences? Really??

September 30, 2015

Years ago, liberated women who were horrified at the spectre of a life without no-consequence sex, with a growing population, and with an expanding economy, demanded easily accessible abortion. Many cooler heads looked into the future, trying to foresee the national (and natural) consequences of such a choice, and they all came up with the same nightmare scenario:

Killing babies THEN was going to lead to dire consequences thirty, forty, and fifty years down the road, in terms of culture and economy, not to mention the mortally sinful nature of the practice. Now, here we are, fifty years or so since the abortion ruling, and what do we see? Our economy has shrivelled to the point where it can no longer support the topheavy government and its profligate spending and borrowing. We have dried up the tax and economic income that could have come from an expanding taxbase (read “workforce”).

Over the last fifty years we have busily gone about demanding the right to slaughter aborning the millions of taxpayers who should have been by now working, paying taxes, paying into our retirement and Social Security systems, as well as feeding the economy with their purchases and savings.

So, how did the super-geniuses in Washington decide to deal with the truncated economy? That’s easy. They fired all the good American employees, put them on food stamps, and imported foreign workers, and they swarm over our southern borders in, well, swarms. But the problem with this part of the liberal plan is that, even though they can manipulate the election process and get these criminal trespassers to the polls on time, they can’t be sure they will pay taxes, and all the influx of new labor is not only NOT the solution to the problem, but in their millions, simply adds more strain on a crippled and failing system.

So, now that our demographic chickens have come home to roost, what does the left come up with as a new solution? More pressure, more spending, more gifts abroad, more borrowing from China, more porous borders to all comers, etc.

No matter how hard the right tries to turn things around by cutting spending and defunding numerous wasteful programs, they are outmaneuvered by the social experimenters on the left who still believe the socialist mantra that the answer to our national problems lies in more illegal “immigration,” more abortion, more government, more debt, more spending, and more regulation.

The criminal trespassers have it easy with all the handouts and special care they get as gifts from an unwilling American population. We citizens, on the other hand, are locked into a Catch-22. We can’t leave (can’t afford to), we can’t work (our companies are hiring the cheap imported labor (you get what you pay for, fellas…)), we can’t save (home mortgages are foreclosed in record numbers), we can’t afford to pay the taxes the government demands, pay for Obamacare, and all the government can figure out to do about our desperate situation is to hire more government workers, hire more illegals, raise our taxes, and print more useless paper “money” to pump into the stock market to keep it inflated. (Balloon economy, anyone?)

We were warned years ago, but were all busy trying to legislate sex without consequences, and didn’t read the signs telling us that abortion was not just counterproductive, but fatal to us as a nation, and to abandon it before we killed off the last future taxpayer. We have created two generations of people who copulate without worrying about consequences. They have no concept of the reality of dead people in the future as a consequence of abortions in the past. It simply cannot be comprehended by their dumbed-down minds, so they have no concept of sex as a sacred part of a marriage between a man and a woman. They can’t see past their genitalia and their momentary pleasures to envision a world where the people killed in the past do not populate the future.

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  1. Fr. D /

    It seems to me to all be rooted in the Left’s idea that man is perfectible and that they can “fix” the things God got wrong in Creation. Only a little bit of arrogance there (remove tongue from cheek!).

    The foolishly fly in the face of all the evidence of history, the facts of Creation, and the readily observable nature of man, and insist that Utopia is right (make that left) around the corner. How dumb do you have to be in order to be a Leftist? Now there is a true imponderable, even though they are all around us!

    1. lizp4 / Post Author

      Short of stopping abortion, and a heartfelt national repentance, I see no chance for our survival. We are reaping what we started sowing fifty years ago.

      Isn’t it amazing that Socialism, which has NEVER worked, always manages to suck in so many ignorant and well-meaning people? The way it seems to prosper, you would think it was the best thing since cinnamon toast.

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