Those Were The Days

September 3, 2015

Time was when we could believe the things we heard on the news. I was pretty young, but I do remember when newscasters and reporters simply reported the news and allowed the listener or reader to formulate their own opinions.

Time was when turkey for Thanksgiving cost 4 cents a pound, too. And a package of cranberries for that meal was a full pound. Now, it’s about 12 ounces. Same for coffee. But still at one-pound prices, of course.

Time was when we could put a dollar’s worth of gas in an empty gas tank and Get half a tankful.

But, was there ever a time when we could trust our government to actually have our best interests at heart, or has it always had the shadow personality that exists to insure and expand its existence? Americans have been led down the primrose path for over a hundred years, as politicians and consultants, lobbyists, crooked officeholders and officials, greedy diplomats, and all their sycophants work out the best ways to fool us into supporting them in their double-dealing one more time.

Time was when we would have done something about that, too.

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  1. Fr. D /

    The cheapest gasoline I ever remember was 16 cents/gal, which works out to slightly over 6 gal/dollar.

    I recall when we trusted Paul Harvey and Walter Cronkite. I don’t know that Paul Harvey ever seriously let us down, but Cronkite did.

    I recall a time when Chicago, NY, Philadelphia, Baltimore, DC, San Francisco, Dallas, Houston, etc. all had major news papers that could be pretty well trusted on their news reporting. They had opinions, but those were kept pretty rigorously to the editorial page. Not so any more.

    You speak of a time when we would have done something about it. I don’t know how old you are Liz, but I don’t recall such (but then, I’m only 75). All my life, Americans have been war weary, tired of fighting WW II, Korea, Viet Nam, Desert Storm, Afghanistan, etc., etc. We have expended all our energies “fixing things” abroad, and I don’t recall a time when we have ever had the energy and will left to fix things at home. I don’t think anyone ever thought we would need to fix things at home, and now they are broke. Wonder how that happened?

    1. lizp4 / Post Author

      Pray for my family, Father. Email me for details.

  2. lizp4 / Post Author

    We had 10-cent gasoline (Beeline) in Utah during some of the price wars. Mercy. Just thinking about it takes me back…

    I’m 72, Father. Hard to believe my parents were both 73 when they died, old and worn out. I’m hoping that I can outlive them like my sister did, who passed away a few years ago in her upper 80’s. At least. And, yes, Central Utah in the Fifties WOULD have done something about it. Life there, then, was idyllic. As one of hundreds of free-range kids, it was the most perfect place I can imagine to grow up.

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