An April Repost

September 7, 2015

This was written in April, and is just as current (if not moreso) today. I love whacking the GOPe with a big spawned-out salmon upside the head. If the only weapon I can use is this keyboard, I’ll use it. Hope you enjoy re-reading this.

Dear GOP Establishment:
Once more, you have demonstrated your true colors, and your utter disinterest in the little guys out here in Flyoverville. Once again, you have shown the people of America that you would rather get along with the democrats than with your constituents. Once more, you have refused to stand for the platform of the REAL Republican party. Why is this? Why do you even bother to call yourselves “Republican?” Why don’t you just do what you long to do, anyway: Give up those last shreds of “Conservative” pretense, and exchange your GOP elephant for the big blue “D” (for “Dumb?”) in the circle? You know you want to.

You haven’t done anything in the last twenty years but hog-tie and cripple the Conservatives in the party. You’ve mocked and insulted them. You’ve manipulated against them whenever they have tried to make a difference in the way this country is governed. You have stolen elections to keep them out. So, why, if you are willing to be democrats in all your actions, don’t you just finish the process and go to the (“D” for) Dark Side permanently? Are you afraid we will replace you with REAL Conservatives? Well, fear no longer. That IS the plan.

You are dross. You are useless eaters and parasites. You have stolen our livelihoods by not standing up to the leftists when they imposed onerous taxes, because you think that makes the democrats LIKE you. You have treated the people who put you into power and supported your candidacies like redheaded stepchildren ever since you gained office, but, I’m afraid those days are over for you. And for us.

We regret having electing you because you have done nothing but assist the democrats in their deliberate and systematic destruction of this country.

Don’t bother to run for re-election, you RINOs. You are dead. Fall over, and don’t get back up again.

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