There WILL Be A Test

October 2, 2015

“America has retreated from the world,” Cruz says. “Every bad actor on earth has taken the measure of President Obama and determined that he is no credible threat whatsoever. For the next sixteen months, we are in a Hobbesian state of nature, it is like Lord of the Flies, where the only limit on misconduct and aggression of bad actors is the limit of their own strength. (Boston Herald)

From the time the final vote was counted in the 2012 elections, I could feel the dread of the second half of the current resident’s second term bearing down. I have had the premonition that this period was going to be THE absolute most dangerous period in America’s entire 240 years of existence. No wars, no bombast from warlords or crime bosses, no natural calamities have ever threatened it like this administration has done in just seven and a half short (LONG!!) years. Every gun in the hands of every villainous group, every weapon in the arsenals of militaristic cults or hubristic nations is now pointed at the heads of America’s people, for the very reason that we exist.

What the current resident has done to our national strength, reputation, and integrity around the world is leave it in unconscionable ruin and destruction for no reason beyond jealousy. As a convinced Marxist, he is jealous of American thrift, wealth, living standards, and happiness, and he is determined to do absolutely anything it takes to drag us down to third-world status as long as he has the power to do so.

If and when we are ever to undo any of it, it is going to require not just the strength and determination of American citizens, but a sovereign miracle of God’s intervention. Should we be blessed with a real Conservative in the White House as a result of this next election, I pray that Americans will understand our dangerous position and will elect down-ballot officials who also have America’s best interests at heart and will strive with prayer and strength to return our country to something like it was before this second civil war in which we find ourselves.

Our children and grandchildren will be the ones who pay for this administration’s profligacy and revenge. They are the ones who will be left not only to shoulder the crippling burden of debt forced on them by the criminal enterprise of this administration, but they will be faced with the prospect of beating back the tides of militants who, convinced by our weakened position, our silence so far, and our battered world reputation that we will be easy prey, will stop at nothing to finish us off.

I pray to Almighty God that Americans will scrape together the shreds of their patriotism and pride and stand fast against the tidal wave of destruction that will descend upon us to test our strength and resolve.

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  1. Fr. D /

    So, you’re still optimistic that there will be an election? I’m not so much. I think that the Dem machine will rig the situation such that they will be forced to remain in power for national stability(TM).

    LIz, everything you said was entirely true with regard to there being nothing to check the ambitions of bad folks all around the world. The worst part, I think, is that the USA is now numbered among the bad folks, even if it is just a limp-wristed wanna-be.

    We are in a bad way. Let us pray.


    1. lizp4 / Post Author

      All I can do is remain optimistic.

      We serve a miracle-working God, and unlike Sodom and Gomorrah, I think He will find more than one righteous man. As long as there are prayer warriors, there will be reason for hope.

      There are lots of good and righteous Americans ready to do what it might take, and like Sheriff Clarke, have not taken their oaths lightly. An oath, once taken, cannot be broken, as these people know. To “…protect and defend the Constitution of the United States…” is no idle boast. I have hope.

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