PC And Raising Kids

November 2, 2015

PC is the death of America. The left can accomplish almost all its goals by changing the meanings of words, by punishing the use of “improper” terms, and forcing everyone to comply. If you are anything like me, you have even seen the Politically Correct words and phrases sneaking into your own vocabularies. “Well,” we might rationalize, “it’s only right that we not use those old terms for things.” Of course. I agree that the day for calling Blacks anything but “American” or “Black” are long past. But calling Indians “First Nation” or whatever the current cute term is is simply too cute, too cumbersome. I have several Indian friends, and they like the term “Indian.” One even had a teeshirt that said, “INDIAN. And PROUD.”

It’s not just terminology for differences in skin color or genetic origin. These days, you have to use appropriate devices and follow certain appropriate guidelines, and you are not allowed to speak out about anything that might actually indicate you have a preference for something the government hasn’t chosen for you. Politically corrected regulations are bogging life down to a pathetic crawl. The robust, business-oriented American culture has been politically-corrected into a cheap, wishywashy imitation; a mere shadow of its former glory.

Schools have banned any games in which children might get hurt. This includes softball, dodgeball, tag, cowboys and “first nations.” Have you looked in the aisles of the toy sections of the local store? Although there are a few gun games there, most of the toys are related to non-competitive, non-aggressive, non-violent “play.” What little boy DOESN’T make a gun of his finger without prompting? What’s the first thing boys build with a set of Lego blocks? What’s the first thing a little girl does with a kitten, besides turn it on its back and cradle it like a baby? Then she dresses it in doll clothes, takes it into the house, and has a tea-party for it.

The political correctness that has saturated all of our daily lives might possibly be entering a less-popular trend, as parents realize that, try as they might, even to forcing “gender identity shifts” on their children, they can’t undo the intrinsic tendencies of their sexes. Boys, by nature of their genetic makeup, do “boy” things, while girls, for the same reason, do “girl” things. Of course, there is also a parallel trend in the schools. Because boys want to do “boy” things, teachers (mostly women these days) are impatient with the kinetic, boisterous behavior of their male students, and label it “ADD” or “ADHD” and seek to medicate the kids so they become little passive, feminized beta-males who just want to sit around and veg out with bland “personal best” video games.

I noticed it in myself when my grandsons were small. At first, I tried diligently to teach them that they mustn’t “play guns” with each other, and that there were other, more constructive ways to play. Then, it dawned on me that they were doing what they were born to do–act like boys. It was unfair to them as boys not to allow them to role-play in ways that would help them learn to be protective of weaker people, to be unafraid to do battle where and when necessary, and to simply live up to their genetic heritage as males. So, Nerf guns made their appearance under the tree that Christmas.

It’s a shame that their paternal grandfather is no longer around. Of all the perfect role models these boys could possibly be blessed with, he was the ultimate. He was a good, righteous, and honest man, a hard-working laborer who knew so many ways to do so many things that might challenge a young man as he went through life, that it’s perfectly honest of me to say that they are “deprived.” His sons are all good, honest, hard-working men who saw their father set the kind of example he wanted them to follow when they were men in turn. Fortunately for my grandsons, the lessons he taught his boys were well-learned, and now, we have the wonderful opportunity of sending real MEN into the future world. And, buying your sons and/or grandsons copies of The Dangerous Book For Boys.

Raising manly men and feminine women is the most important job a parent can do, which is why single-parent households are handicapped from the beginning. Such families exist from necessity, but their job as nurturers of real men and women is more difficult than the same job in a two-parent household. It can still be done, however, and many a prominent hero or heroine was raised by one parent.

The job is not impossible. But struggling against the flood of political correctness in order to make boys into men and girls into women is a real challenge for good parents. Religious training is a must, if for no other
reason than to impress the children with the reality of an Ultimate Authority. Bucking the tide of PC and undoing what the feminized, lobotomized “educators” have done to our children is difficult, but not impossible.

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  1. Fr. D /

    The “educators” are ignorant. Most of them honestly believe their foolishness, but some know that they are simply trying to destroy our culture.

    As a small boy, I usually had two six shooters strapped on to me. I often when to school with them, and they were very realistic looking replicas. Today, the SWAT squad would respond if I walked into a school looking like I did as a child in 1948! I might well be dead before a word was said. Fortunately, my teachers were not even phased by it all; they just knew that these were my favorite guns.

    Today, I don’t own a pistol, primarily because my vision is not good and I shake too badly to hit anything intentionally. But I would own one if I could shoot it, without a doubt. I think all who are able should own a gun, for self defense and to defend others around them.

    But then, I’m not very PC!

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