• Itchy Is As Itchy Does

    August 12, 2015

    The old Legion of Decency list had listings for movie ratings from “A” (no objectionable content) through “B” (Older kids and grownups), and “C” (Some objectionable content. Not recommended) and “D” (Condemned. Not suitable for any audicence). Families who had this list in place carefully consulted it before seeing any movie.

    Even today, although the Legion is no more, little messages pop up on videos and television to remind us that what we are about to see is not fit for children and other sensitive individuals. Movies are sorted according to violence, language, and sexual content in order to protect children from the obvious evil that these things contain. (Moot questions follow: Why should we have to warn people against evil in a movie? Why do we have movies that contain evil in the first place? If movies are for entertainment, why put blood, evil, and ugliness in them? And, if there wasn’t an itch for evil in humans, why are some of today’s movies so AWFUL??)

    We are taught what is illustrated so clearly in the Bible and other religious writings: Human beings are born with an itch towards evil. Even primitive cultures understand this, and have strict moral laws that carry heavy penalties if broken. Without proper care, teaching, and molding, we grow up to be amoral and perverse. Religious training teaches us that this itch can be mastered with diligence, but that it must be caught at an early age. Starry-eyed liberals and their followers, however, continually maintain that human nature is already “good” and perfectible without spiritual guidance, and it is only circumstances or bad influences that make these “good” people do bad things.

    Consider the ghastly spectacles of children killing younger children for sport. The young killers don’t really understand that their victims will not get up again to “appear in the next movie,” they understand their actions well enough to finish the job. Just because juvenile murderers don’t really comprehend the meaning and ramifications of the evil acts they do doesn’t mean the acts themselves are not evil.

    Or, if evil is what people want, how about aborting babies and selling their little corpses off piecemeal to the highest bidders, for “scientific research?” And the abortionists do realize they are killing children (“It’s another boy!”), but choose to ignore the utter evil of the deed, and focus on the money.

    In some states, parents are forbidden by law to discipline their children in ways meaningful enough to the child to train them away from potentially evil behavior, a classic example of childless do-gooders meddling in something about which they know absolutely nothing. In the same school, perhaps, a jaded teacher is showing sex techniques to second graders and encouraging them to experiment on each other. And, a parent whose hands are tied is not going to be effective in keeping his child from the destructive and evil behaviors that lurk in the minds of every human being. Even wild animals, understanding the importance of obedience, punish their young with painful discipline, but American parents are forbidden to do so.

    Witness, too, the recent mandate from Washington that all Catholic and Christian institutions provide insurance that offers free abortion and contraception to patients and employees. Somehow, the bureaucrats got the idea they could just ignore the sanctity of life, as well as sexuality. I choose to call this move “evil.”

    If, as many believe, there is no absolute good or bad, where does evil come from? Where does good come from? Why are we so easily tempted to evil and why is good so hard to achieve? As one who is a firm believer in the Absolute Good, I know exactly how easily we can be tempted to evil. Evil isn’t just about bad movies, or pornography, or child abuse. It is a streak in all of us that must be suppressed in a civil society.

    We have learned, with varying degrees of success through the centuries, to deal with evil as best we know how, and the only successes we can count are those that rely on Judeo-Christian moral principles, well-taught. Hearts are fertile for love and hate, and as civilized humans on this earth, we must reach out for the civilizing love and eschew the itch for evil that lurks so shallowly under the surface of each of our hearts.

    I fear to contemplate what humans would be like without God, without the REAL Grace that He provides to us for the taking, and the Love that is stronger than death.

  • Ten Feet Tall And Bulletproof

    August 9, 2015

    Somewhere (tv? movies? music?), people have gotten the idea that they can cheat death and live forever. Risk-taking is no big thing, because, in the movies, even if the subject is killed, we’ll see him again in his next flick. We have become ten feet tall and bulletproof, and so it goes. Who cares about death? That’s for old folks and soldiers.

    Do we even realize these days that death is permanent? That there won’t be any “do-overs” or second chances? In our secularized society, we have done away with the concept of Eternal Life, replaced it with “endless life,” and pursued our satisfactions wherever we can find them, with no thought to tomorrow. We seem to have begun to identify with the vampires, zombies, and other undead that populate the popular culture. Like the characters in the “Twilight” series, we can just never die.

    And the old aren’t immune. As one of these, I am here to tell you that I love and rejoice in the gorgeous beauty of God’s magnificent creation every day of my existence and am going to be leaving it fighting tooth and nail to stay. I love my loved ones to snoopy, bossy, interfering distraction, and don’t know how I would survive the loss of even one of them. I would dearly love to live forever, or at least long enough to see my grandchildren’s children. In any case, death awaits us all, some sooner than others, messy or peaceful, but it will come, whether we believe in it or not.

    But I am of a different generation from the secular hedonists of today’s culture, and I can know things about death that the more recent arrivals haven’t learned yet. To them, old age is evil, to be avoided at all costs. To them, old people are bad, especially if they want to stop the youngsters from doing whatever feels good, no matter what. The fear of what lies beyond death is there, but it is pushed far back into the consciousness in favor of “living in the now.” Which, in an aside, is why most of them will do nothing about the death panels and refusal of care for elderly and impaired that is the backbone of the new nationalized healthcare laws: They are convinced those laws will never apply to THEM.

    Unfortunately, these youngsters are next in line for the old-fogey train to greener pastures, pearly gates, and harp lessons, and they aren’t going to like it any more than the current group of dodderers do. But, death is part of life, and one does not get out of life without having to experience death. No matter how suckky one’s life is, death is the only way out. There are ways to make it un-suckky, but few young people are interested in making the changes that would allow this to happen. Those who do realize their mortality, their morality, and their obligation to at least attempt to make the world a better place before they have to step aboard that last Vista-Dome to eternity.

    In the meantime, we watch the self-destructive, selfish, arrogant, debauched behavior of these people, and wonder if we were ever that bad. Probably not, since mores and morals were still respectable and respected when we were their age. We could tell them a thing or two, but they aren’t interested. They are young and healthy, so why worry about that stuff today? Even if the worst happens and they get their tickets punched in the next twenty-four hours, they can’t be bothered with even the faintest vestiges of preparation for anything but that smokin’ hot comeback the next day. Just like in the movies. Ten feet tall and bulletproof. Yeah, that’s it.

  • But, WHY??

    August 7, 2015

    “But, WHY??”

    Why are those on the left so determined to destroy America and all she stands for in the world? Why would they desire the destruction of the engine that drives the world economy? Why would they wish to turn Americans into functional illiterates and other willfully unemployed, maleducated lazy takers? Of course, the question is always rhetorical, because I (and you, of course) know the answers. For us, it’s easy to understand. But we are the informed ones who pay attention to these kinds of things. For other, less-well-informed individuals, the answer may be more difficult to find and still more difficult to accept.

    For all their lives, the leftists have been indoctrinated into the unconscionably evil existence of American freedom, commerce, prosperity, faith, and simple happiness. They have been taught to hate all that is good, and the biggest example of goodness in the world for a couple of centuries has, obviously, been America. Unfortunately, people like these haters wormed their way into government by hook and crook, and began the methodical and relentless undermining of everything America has ever stood for.

    Here they are, citizens along with the rest of us, with every advantage, right, and opportunity the rest of us have, and they are disturbed by every second of it. The reason they are so focused on destroying us from within is a single, simple word: HATE. They hate us, and everything about us, even though they are of us by blood and birth. They hate the freedom we have to move about, to talk to anyone we wish, to buy, spend, sell, and vote. They hate our good health, our optimism, our enjoyment of life and our pleasure in our leisure time.

    So very sad for them. We will lose a lot if their hatred prevails; but even though they do everything they can to destroy and undermine us, we will still have our inner joy, peace, optimism, and love. All they will ever have is dismal misery, because they will never give up their hatred for America. They will never be happy, even if they are successful in destroying our culture, economy, and freedoms. They will never know real peace, real love, or any form of joy because they will never understand that America’s greatness lies in her people. Even though they are part of us, they will hate every second of that relationship.

    They don’t want to share in our greatness because their god is hate and their creed is “envy.” Pray for them.

  • Ryan Bomberger Article in TownHall. com

    August 5, 2015

    I have asked myself several times since the planned barrenhood videos began appearing why I wasn’t writing anything about the ghastly butchery being discussed like remaindered magazines.

    It finally occurred to me as I read Mr. Bomberger’s masterful article that I, too, was almost incapable of putting into words the hideous evil I was hearing about (forgive me, but I haven’t been able to watch or listen to any of them, aside from the sound clips that turn up on talk shows).

    Ryan Bomberger wrote the following. All I can do is say, “Hear, hear!” and weep and pray for our lost humanity.

    “Hitler called and wants his “scientists” back.

    When did our society lose the compulsion to be outraged over grotesque inhumanity? Planned Parenthood, the nation’s #1 killer of unborn children, is caught selling aborted babies’ organs and entire intact bodies and liberals sound like Nazis: “ALL IN THE NAME OF SCIENCE!” The Center for Medical Progress, conducting investigative journalism because billion-dollar mainstream media has no interest in investing in the truth, continues to open our eyes and convict our souls (at least some of us) with the 5th video release detailing Planned Parenthood’s inhumanity.

    In the video, Planned Parenthood abortionists (some are the “active researchers” who have a vested financial interest in procuring “specimens”) proudly sift through their day’s work, picking and poking arms, legs, brains, lungs, eyeballs–I can’t even believe I’m typing these things–like they’re looking through cereal for a prize…And so many can’t even see that the Pol Pots, the Stalins, the transatlantic slave traders, the Mao Zedongs, the Hitlers of world history have simply donned a different outfit, a splashy new pink banner, and a few new euphemisms. But they’re still the same culprits of corruption and inhuman injustice…”

  • No “Maybe” About It

    July 26, 2015

    Why is it so hard for leftists to understand a “Right-wing Christian” stand regarding Life? It’s fairly straightforward: Innocent life = good, to be protected. Convicted murderer = evil, remove from society. Seems like the Lefties have it backwards. They want to kill the babies and helpless and protect the murderers on death row. Did I leave anything out? I told you it was straightforward, so, what’s to quibble?

    It’s obvious from their rhetoric that Lefties don’t take the time to look any deeper into the mindset of Christians or those pro-life people on the Right than the superficial observation of the apparent dichotomy in the Christian/Right stand. And it’s a virtual certainty that they probably haven’t read much more of the Bible than Genesis 1:1.

    But, since Leftists believe that Christians are mentally defective, it’s no surprise that they don’t delve any deeper than they do into Christian beliefs and the Bible. It is sufficient, they believe, to skim, scan, and give a quick once-over to what makes Christians believe that innocent life is sacred. That’s why they always get it wrong.

    And, we know more about them and the way they think than they do about us, because unlike them, we are interested in what makes our attackers tick. They couldn’t care less about why we are like we are. The important thing is that we ARE, and we’re opposed to them. That’s all they need to know.

    We read their press releases, we are familiar with their manifestoes and their mindset, because they dominate the airwaves, the print press, and university professorships. We are exposed to their propaganda on a daily basis, while they seldom give the things we believe in a thought, beyond scoffing at it and ridiculing it. They are sure that they know all that is necessary about us to prove that we are all a bunch of “poorly-educated and easily-led” trailer-park knuckle-draggers. That kind of belief doesn’t need more than a superficial perusal to inform them that people who believe in the sanctity of innocent life are deranged, ignorant fools.

    The Left’s favorite question regarding the value of innocent life is, “How can you Christian zealots claim to be pro-life, yet be so determined to execute criminals on death row? And, how can you be pro-war?”

    To a Christian, such a question is simplistic and sophomoric. We have studied this question again and again since grade school catechism classes. If we must quantify, just how hard is it for people to tell the difference between the value of an innocent life and the life of a sociopath?

    Can the Left honestly say they are equal? There is no “equivalent life” in the Bible, which they seem to think contains the concept, more evidence of their unfamiliarity with the Book. Most people with brains stop short of calling Christians to account on the basis of the very Book that the majority of believing Christians often know from front to back. Dumb move by the Leftists. In their condescending hubris, they seem to have some kind of idea that Christians must have missed the part in the Bible about “all human life” being equal in value.

    But the fact is that the Bible repeatedly comments on the difference in value between the lives of the innocent and those of the murderous guilty. Jesus knows the difference, so why is it so hard for the Leftists? In their confusion, they demonstrate, write, and complain. They have “teach-ins,” they do workshops, demonstrate against “the Man,” and rest in the assurance that their opinion is the only right one.

    The Bible tells Christians that God knows what to do with people like murderers, despots, terrorists, and the unregenerate evildoer. A just war simply helps such killers come to that judgment a little sooner than they might otherwise.

    Leftists are not only ignorant about the morality of innocent life, but invincibly so. They have taken up their stand on the side of preserving the life of death row criminals, and firmly against preserving the lives of countless unborn babies in danger of abortion. They appear convinced that this proves how compassionate and loving they are. It doesn’t matter that they face off against the innocent life in the womb. If, as they say, all life is equal, then they should be in the front lines fighting against the evil of abortion, as well as lighting their candles in the wind for criminals on their way to the death chamber.

    (“Population control” is not even a worthwhile argument, since it is much too easy to disprove. They should be ashamed to trot this sorry thing out, and “a woman’s right to choose” is another straw dog, used willy-nilly to illustrate their deep compassion. Never mind that nobody asked that butchered baby what IT thought of overpopulation…)

    The Left firmly believes that there are no moral absolutes in society. What’s wrong for you may be right for me. Your murder of me could be a “loving” act. The only absolute in their mindset is that there are no absolutes. They rationalize and equivocate, and can’t even say a firm “Yes,” or “No,” without a string of qualifiers and footnotes. Bill Clinton illustrated this perfectly in his Grand Jury testimony, when he boldly and without embarrassment pronounced, “It depends on what the meaning of ‘IS’ is.” Unable to even define a simple preposition, they call their waffling and equivocation “reasonable,” and “just,” when the truth is, they are simply afraid to take a principled stand.

    Life is one of those topics that people are very seldom undecided on. Today’s technology shows us unborn babies at younger and younger ages, sucking their thumbs, having hiccups when they are two inches long, having brain waves and heartbeats, and feeling pain at extremely early ages. A 22-week-old baby is being rescued by desperate efforts in the nursery, while just down the hall, another child of the same age is being torn limb from limb in its mother’s womb, so it can be sold off piecemeal on the “fetal tissue” market. The “deciding factor between the two babies is nothing more than convenience or the child’s “wantednes.”

    Abortion, to a Leftist, is not only an acceptable activity, but next to the concept of “fairness” is the Holy Grail of Leftist belief. These are the same people who will stand in the rain and the dark outside the penitentiary to show their solidarity with a serial murderer/rapist who is going to get his life judged that very night. At least, this guilty man had a life, which is much more than can be said for the 55,000,000 plus babies slaughtered since Roe v. Wade.

    Moral equivalency is the left’s long suit. But when it comes to abortion, there is no doubt about where they stand: Always on the side of death. No “maybe” about it.

  • Lost Love

    July 19, 2015

    When we have relationships that fail, we are crushed. Life takes on a distinctly gray and somber hue for us. We lose our appetites for food, friendship, and fun. Nobody likes rejection. Nobody likes to be considered a failure, especially at something as rudimentary as a relationship. The stronger the feelings that held the relationship together, the more miserable the sense of loss when the relationship fails. We are often prostrated with grief, and some have even resorted to suicide to express their pain at the loss of a love. To know someone you love with all your heart doesn’t know you exist is to know an agony of sorrow. We have all experienced it at some point in our lives.

    “Love” is a verb. A verb describes action. I go, do, take, make, send, cry, earn, sit, run, or sleep. Every one of those things requires volition on my part. So does love. I can’t love you without making the effort to do so. Going through the motions and faking it is not loving. It’s going through the motions and faking it. We’ve known people who are capable of this kind of behavior. They are users and takers, and if we are decent people, we avoid them as completely as possible.

    Love not only does not occur without volition, it doesn’t occur without knowledge. We can’t love someone without knowing we love them. Thank goodness for that… But we CAN go along blithely and not know we are loved, which all of us do. Every one of us.

    Whatever happens to the hearts of people who have at one time loved God but turned away from it? Sometimes, we just let it slip away, and although God’s love is still there, our response dwindles to nothing and disappears. We become more secularized, more hedonistic, more materialistic, and forget that at one time, it really did matter to us what we did in the sight of God. But the world intrudes, and the love we felt withers. Or we become angry at God for some imagined slight or infraction, and we use the occasion to turn our backs on the infinite love that can’t stop.

    And, this is where the question arises: How does God feel about the fact that we have turned our backs on the Love that He showers us with every second of our lives? Do we acknowledge it? Are we even aware of it, and how could we ever return it?

  • Giving Them What They Need

    July 15, 2015

    My young-motherhood was a rocky, messed-up time for me. That situation has since been rectified, thank God, by time, insight, and experience; but it was a frightening time for all of us, and I’m sure that I’m not the only young mother who struggled through the early years without the companionship and good example of a husband and father. Divorce is no better for kids than it is for their parents, but sometimes, it’s the only option. Stress and anxiety are constant companions of young mothers in this situation.

    But, not once, not one time, did I ever fail to praise my children for their attempts. I had a private set of rules regarding the raising of children, and Number One was this: “Never, ever tell your children they are bad, worthless, failures, naughty, or evil.” You can say, “That was a very naughty thing to do,” and the message gets the point across without accusing the child of being bad.

    Rule Number Two was similar: “Never tell your children you wish they’d never been born.” If you are wondering how I disciplined my children without resorting to the breaking of these rules, it’s simple. I told them, as soon as they were old enough to understand, what the rules were, what the punishment would be, and did my level best to carry it out. Rule Number Three stated: “Never make a promise of any kind to your child that you cannot be sure you can keep.” So, when they were promised a spanking for the breaking of the rules, they got one. Broken promises are bad things for children, but lack of consistent discipline is worse.

    But praise is often left for later, and “later” seems never to come for some parents. Children live to please their parents, and it’s a rare child who doesn’t love even an abusive parent. Praising children as they try to measure up to the rules grownups lay down only makes sense.

    A lot of times, parents lose sight of the fact that those children in their care aren’t always going to be children. Every day of their lives brings them closer to adulthood and being in a position to make their own set of rules and responsibilities. Praising a child for the good attempts he makes at keeping the rules is much better for him (and the parent) than berating him for the failure to keep the full letter of the rule.

    Telling a child he is bad, a failure, or stupid is a self-fulling prophecy, like branding him with a branding iron. Our children, as stated above, live to please us, believe it or not. They want desperately to receive our approval, and even though it might not look like it to us, they really are trying to measure up.

    When a correction was necessary in the raising of my kids, it was immediate, sharp, and impressive, something I learned from my mother, who appeared to have a double dose of the “parenting gene.” It was much easier on all of us for her to not waste time and emotional energy yelling at a kid who was busy tuning her out. It was usually accompanied by the board of education being applied liberally to the child’s seat of learning. The lesson was usually well-learned, the child’s “heart” was spared, and life could proceed to the next lesson. Mothers are put on earth to civilize their families, which, nine times out of ten, is a thankless, never-ending task.

    Praise is a uniquely human attribute. As Joseph Sobran once stated, animals don’t praise each other, their owners, or their Creator. But even animals appreciate being praised: “Good dog!” and “Nice kitty!” are music to a pet’s ears, because they understand the tone of the praise.

    When we who believe discuss the praise of our Creator, we are talking about returning to Him the only thing we have that we can offer. He needs nothing, especially nothing that we as His creatures, can provide. We can only express our gratitude for life in general, and our individual lives in particular, by praising Him.

    When we abort our children, we are silencing their future ability to offer that simple gift to their Creator; throwing away a gift given in good faith, and we are narrowing our own humanity, shrinking our own ability to love. “Life is for me, and not for you,” is what we are telling those destroyed children. It’s pretty safe to guess that the people who think killing a child in its mother’s womb is a “good” thing have already been born. They generally never praise anyone or anything except themselves, and they especially do not praise God.

    Children are gifts to us on earth while we abide here, and they are created out of God’s love for us while we inhabit this mortal world. What we make of them as they approach adulthood is their heritage from us, and the hope is that we will mold them into the kind of adults who see praise as a natural and desirable expression of love and appreciation. The best way to assure this is to praise them as they grow, and to refrain from calling “evil” what God has pronounced as “good.”

  • Pipe Dreams

    July 10, 2015

    What if we were able to amend the Constitution to forbid Congressmen and Senators voting themselves pay raises? (yeah, right…)

    What if pay schedules for lawmakers were to be set through referendum only, at the state level, and each state’s representatives and senators received pay set by the voters at home?

    What if lobbyists were forbidden?

    What if all lawmakers had to work from HOME, and only went to Washington for ceremonial events, like State of the Nation Speeches or swearing in, etc?

  • The Consequences Of Meek Submission

    June 30, 2015

    I read somewhere many years ago that the socialists had an axiom about America: “First, we will de-moralize them, then we will defeat them.” They meant, of course, to undermine every rule and tradition that had to do with decency and morality. Observing the events in America in the past couple of years has proved that they have almost accomplished their goal.

    In the past 30 years or so, it has been possible to see America’s regression, and to observe the slide into the slime. First, we meekly let the left throw God out of virtually every aspect of our daily lives. Then, because they were so noisy and litigious about it, we submissively allowed them to prevail to the point where, today, we dare not exhibit or profess any belief in God the Father or Jesus Christ for fear of lawsuits, ostracism, loss of employment, and violence.

    With God out of the picture, the next thing to go was morals in public. Young people began to exhibit more and more skin as fashions changed. In the “olden days,” if it was a part of the anatomy that needed to be covered by a bathing suit, it was not to be exposed to public view. Soon, crop-tops, short-shorts, fishnet, Victoria’s Secret pushup bras, sex toys, and and candy-flavored lubricants took the place of modesty. Playboy and Hustler took to the courts to demand that they be allowed to be displayed next to Field and Stream and Good Housekeeping. Before long, even small children were being sexualized. Schools were forced by federal rules to teach only government-approved curricula, and practical sexuality was taught in classrooms as low as second grade. Clothing manufacturers delighted in turning four- and five-year-olds into sex objects, and soon, baby beauty contests sprang up all over the country, and we meekly went along with it.

    After the de-moralization was well under way, the revisionist histories picked up steam. “Green” was the new law of the land. Curly light bulbs that gave off a sickly green light and were environmental hazards themselves were mandated, along with unflushable toilets with tiny tanks, “smart” meters on our electricity, and recycling bins became the order of the day. Legislatures across the country meekly went along with this and forced citizens to comply with foolish environmental laws for the sake of “saving the environment,” and environmentalists and other assorted ignormauses worshipped the earth as “Gaia.” God’s removal from the minds and hearts of the people was virtually complete.

    Old, reliable history, civics, and science textbooks were discarded for newspeak tomes moaning about the evils of AGW (man-caused global warming) and losing the ozone layer; demanding that Americans comply with environmental “laws” put into place to force American businesses to subsidize the undermining of free markets and capitalism all around the world. Population control and abortion on demand were emphasized from the environmental point of view, and have now become a virtual sacrament to the environmentalists, and we remained meek.

    Newscasters took up the call, and trumpeted global warming in every way, shape, and manner possible, and blamed it all on big oil, and control of the food supply soon followed, with half the annual harvest of corn being diverted into spurious “ethanol” projects, while the world began to starve. And we meekly went along with it.

    Next, immigration laws were ignored, axed, and turned on their heads. Sovereign national borders were allowed to deteriorate, and churches (even whole cities) meekly became sanctuaries for the hordes of illegal aliens that poured into America. Among these illegals were many who did not have America’s best interests at heart, and were coming to do her harm. Nobody paid attention to the complaints of the few Americans who could still think and see the big picture.

    Driving God from the public discourse, from the formulation and execution of laws, from courthouses and even churches, has done this to America. We have done this to ourselves. We have forced God from our lives because we have turned to sin, and we do not wish to have His holiness as a conviction of our choices. We are spiritual criminals and fugitives now, fleeing from His laws and trying to find places and situations where, we hope fruitlessly, He cannot follow. We have encouraged inferior philosophies to usurp God’s place in America, and we have meekly backed down when accused, instead of firmly standing our ground and speaking up for God, and for America.

    Judging by the deterioration in American life in the last seven or eight years, especially, it’s pretty obvious that a willingness to let ourselves be bamboozled and manipulated, a loss of moral rectitude, spiritual grounding, patriotism, and fiscal responsibility, are the consequences of our determined plan to see God and holiness removed from all aspects of our daily life. We, in 2015, are reaping what we have sown since 1965, and our posterity will be paying the price for our stupidity and sin for generations to come. We have brought this national calamity upon ourselves, and we are the ones responsible for finding ourselves wallowing and floundering in a life of steadily declining industry, prosperity, morality, and joy.

    There is only one real remedy for this disaster. America MUST turn back to God. Americans must go back to church, and keep going back. They need to start tithing to the work of whatever church they attend. When they pray, they should mean every word. They must learn to trust God to give His best. (He has a track record on this…) They must teach children to love Him, with Him as the head of their households, and refuse the tawdry lures of this bent and twisted culture. It’s time to put God and decency back into all aspects of public life and display. We must demand that the entertainment industry restore decency and upright behavior in movies and television.

    This is THE ONLY WAY we can turn it around. A spiritual, supernatural solution is now the only thing that will work to save this republic.

  • Old Rev. Boettcher Was Right

    June 25, 2015

    You cannot help the poor by destroying the rich.
    Anybody who pays a payroll knows this. Nobody ever got a job from a poor man. It takes money to make money, and employees are the ones who make that money flow. Squelching the American workforce’s ability to pump money into the economy is the Left’s favorite plan for destroying this country and dragging it down to a miserable puddle of despair and destitution. Thinking people are still wondering why the abject misery of so many people is such a desirable thing to Leftists. Inquiring minds want to know.

    You cannot strengthen the weak by weakening the strong.
    Cutting funding to a military engaged in a two-front war is suicidal. Not only does it deprive the finest fighting force in the world of essential supplies and services, it sends a message to those warriors that they are not worth funding. It’s not enough that the Left refuses to even count the votes these heroes mark and submit in good faith. The Left piles on by denigrating and verbally abusing our wonderful fighting forces. May God protect them, because the Left doesn’t plan to.

    You cannot bring about prosperity by discouraging thrift.
    The current financial mess isn’t so much about bad banks as it is about this government’s determined assault on BUSINESS and on the taxpayers’ pocketbooks. If you have anything in savings, prepare to have it siphoned away or simply devalued to zero. Personal savings is anathema to the Left, who believe that if somebody in this country is poor, it’s the fault of everybody in this country who ISN’T. Universal misery is the Left’s stock-in-trade. If you aren’t miserable right now, you must wait your turn. They can only work so fast, but they will eventually get around to you.

    You cannot lift the wage earner up by pulling the wage payer down.
    It never ceases to amaze me how the Left can’t see that the businesses in this country are the source of its wealth. How blind does a bureaucrat have to be to see that if they want all the money in the country, they are going to have to make sure the businesses keep running, hiring, paying taxes, and prospering. Business is the respiratory system of this country. Its people are its heart, but the companies they create, run, and prosper from are the lungs.

    You cannot further the brotherhood of man by inciting class hatred.
    After creating an entire stratum of lazy takers — workless, brainless holes down which the Left continues to pour OUR money in order to insure the votes of these brainless takers, the left just keeps taking, taxing, and troubling. I have often wondered where they learned this, since it is so self-defeating. Were Marx, Engels, and Lenin really that stupid? They must have been absent the day the class learned about the large group of working-class voters that could have been theirs by simply providing them with the means to keep their jobs, keep more of their hard-earned money, and put a little aside “for a rainy day.” But the Left has never had a positive view of these kinds of people, and still persists in creating a huge pool of receptacles for the wealth and largesse filched from the pockets of the aforementioned working class. Their design is to pauperize the rest of us, thereby forcing us to become dependent upon them for our existence. The name of the game is “POWER.”

    You cannot build character and courage by taking away men’s initiative and independence.

    Another thing the Left appears to deliberately not see is the consequence of removing people’s incentive to produce. When they tax, tax, tax, and tax again, the people will eventually stop working, simply because there isn’t any incentive to continue. This method used to work well for the Left, but times have changed. More and more people have gotten a taste of the life of the productive taxpayer, and they LIKE it. Keeping them down doesn’t work any more, so the only recourse the Left has is to open the borders and invite all the rifraff from other countries to come in and provide the labor. Their self-perpetuating cycle of misery is going to close the circle soon, and they will be left with a nation of disgruntled, needy, and unproductive illegal voters. Well, they always wanted all the power. I guess somebody forgot to tell them about the responsibility that comes with that power. It is going to be interesting to see how long they can focus on the first without having to come to grips with the second.

    And, “character” to these people means somebody in a movie. Building character comes from the understanding of God’s laws as applied to daily life. It includes integrity, compassion, inititative, and persistence; all traits of the hard-working, long-suffering working class, who, willingly or not, have been tapped to pay for the Left’s adventurism.

    You cannot help men permanently by doing for them what they could and should do for themselves.

    Expanded from the famous statements by a Rev. Boettcher, from the early 20th Century.